Why all dlc contet? locked


Hi why are all mine monsters and hunters locked on ps4 and i preordered deluxe edition


Which monsters and hunters are you reffering to?


If you are refering to the T2 and T3 (Kraken, Wraith and 8 hunters) you have to first play with each T1 char and fullfill the 1 star challenges to unlock them.
If you are refering to the Behemtoh (T4) he will be released when he is finished (probably in 1-3 months)


Oh so i nedmed to play with first class to unlock others? Nice ,and yes skins how do i unlock them


Yes its a progression system: play with T1 unlock T2, play with T2 unlock T3 (any further DLC hunters and monsters which will be coming out in the future will be unlocked instant)
Skins are either unlockable through completing the 3 star challenges (elite skin) or other unlocks (dont know exactly it is speculated that the corpseeater skin will eb unlocked if you eat a certain amount of hunters)
and some are unlocked through payment but since you bought the delux edition I think you should have the magma skins (dont quote me on that I play on the PC not the PS4 and have no idea what bundles you guys have). Skins should be selectable in the game lobby


Some skins you can unlock, others are purchased. Elite skins are unlocked by completly mastering a character.


Why cant i customize mine charscters? Jist does not allows me to change skins etc


The skins are bugged, as of now, but TRS is fixing it. :stuck_out_tongue: Just hold out. In the meanwhile, you can unlock the elite skins by being a general badass and filling out character mastery challenges. Elite skins are hard to get, but worth it, IMO, so there’s that.

TRS will likely have normal skins up in no time.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!


Thanks for info ,see ya on the battlegrounds


Not for a week, I’m afraid. :unamused: But when I do arrive… Prepare to be disappointed at my ability to play Assault- or rather, lack thereof. As long as I’m Medic, support, Trapper, or Monster, prepare to witness slightly-above average but very tricky play. Jukes all around.


Hehe i suck 2 never played beta or anything still love this game


I imagine you were skeptical to buy it, having not been in the playtests. When did you find out about it?