Why adding Sprint or Aim-Down Sight (ADS) to Back 4 Blood will make it not like L4D at all

We haven’t gotten any gameplay footage yet, but I am bit worried and I believe voicing my concern early instead of complaining after the game is out, is a better idea.
What I want to request is, don’t add ADS (Aim-Down Sight/Iron Sight) or Sprint to Back 4 Blood.

Why Would They Add ADS and Sprint?
A lot of modern games adds sprint and ads as a way to “modernize” the game, and to better suit console gaming. Ex: Halo added Sprint and ADS. Shadow Warrior added Sprint and ADS. Wolfenstein added Sprint.

Why Is Sprint for Console?
An analog stick doesn’t have precise enough control and to have full speed on all direction makes it hard to play. For a controller, moving at high speed makes it hard to aim. And in console multiplayer, a fast opponent can strafe left and right making controller hard to aim at them. Older Halo games prevent this by having movement speed slower than other FPS. But everyone still likes to go fast, so they added sprint, which only goes in one direction and prevents you from shooting. Every time you want to shoot, you slow down and makes it easier for others to kill you.

Why is ADS for Console?
Unlike a mouse, controller aiming is not as fast, so adding a second sensitivity when ADS makes it easier for controllers. But there are other effects too. ADS reduces your view and almost completely stops your movement. Why are these effects here? It is so another enemy can kill you from your blind spot while you are an easy target.

So? What’s Wrong with That? It’s more immersive.
First, nothing wrong with the existence of ADS and Sprinting. I just don’t think it is suitable for L4D gameplay.
Second, nobody who still plays L4D over other zombie shooter plays it for “immersion”. So we are going to throw that argument out.
ADS and Sprinting will make the Run and Gun gameplay of L4D into a Run OR Gun. No more running backward to shoot, no more strafing zombies. It slows the game’s pace down. Constant shooting and constant movement will be gone. The only thing that sets L4D apart from other Zombie shooters, in my opinion, is this.

Not having ADS and Sprinting is such an archaic view, every game should be like COD, COD is the pinnacle of FPS.
There are lots of modern FPS that are super popular and don’t have Sprint and ADS. EX: Overwatch, Doom, Superhot, CSGO.
Some throw-back modern FPS that don’t have Sprint and ADS. EX: Amid Evil, Dusk, GTTOD, Ion Fury, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin.
And some older but very popular FPS. EX: Portal, L4D, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, Quake.

Final Message
Plz no adding ADS and Sprinting for the sake of “Immersion” and “Being Modern”
Also, what do everyone else think. Does adding Sprint and ADS bothers you? Do you want them to add it? Do you care if they add it?

We should wait until we know precisely how sprinting works in B4B and what mechanics it influences/is influenced by before we pass judgment on the existence of sprinting. Maybe there are enemies which punish you for trying to sprint, or it’ll only be useful for getting around the map faster rather than in combat. In any case, B4B is not L4D, just a successor. It doesn’t have to be the same game.


I honestly think COD is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to FPS games.

That said, I would much rather that sprint and ADS were in the game. It makes the game so much more fluid in my view. One of my issues with Overwatch was that not aiming made the game feel rigid, which is why most of my time ended up on Ana.


An analog stick doesn’t have enough precise control for what, exactly? If you mean aiming, yeah obviously. If you mean movement, it’s quite the opposite. The fact that you can tilt a stick in a complete 360 degrees spectrum (and manage the movement speed depending on how hard you tilt it) makes it the better tool for controlling movement compared to the more restrictive 8 directions with no speed control (outside of the sprint button) that the WASD buttons provide.

As for the rest I quite agree that aiming down sights and sprinting wouldn’t fit in a L4D type game, but it all depends on hlwhat kind of experience TRS wants B4B to be.

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Precise control as in analog stick has a significantly more travel time when compared to keyboard keys. WASD is easier to spam than frantically twisting analog stick. Adding Sprint function allows controller user to only need to hold down one direction.

I don’t think that’s why ADS exists at all lol

Its so you can have more precise aim. Regardless of pc or console.

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