Why a spider monster would be really cool

well first it ll scare a crap ton of people which is perfect, and because i trust TRS to manage to make a really really cool design that would work (whether it s supposed to be 100% scary or not) and because in terms of powers and traversals they have like a massive number of theme to choose that can work

just imagine it, 8 or more eyes of different sizes (and colors ? could still be uber black) massive creepy legs, a screech, and shit like that it would be awsome, like the spider friend/pet of Agrid we see in the second harry potter movie


I’m a fan, but I know people that would have Major issues with this, Arachnaephobia is brutal (I’ve seen a grown man cry at the sight of a tiny spider…rough) so a Spider-like monster would be cool (Webs and stuff) but a Monster that looks like a spider doesn’t seem that cool. Plus, looking at a monster and being like “Oh look, its a spider, neat” seems a little boring compared to a Fire breathing Kingzilla, a Lightning spewing Cthulhumoose, a teleporting Shedemon, and a LavaCrab dontcha think?


YES!!! we are friends now, :smiley: life is all about scarring the scaredy cat ppl ^.^

Kumonga confirmed!


thats why we are getting parasite… right? … RIGHT??? :scream:

A spider monster has so much potential. Venom, webs, staying on walls and attacking from there… Also spiders scare the crap out of most people which makes it even more intimidating, which is what a monster should be.

It would have to be an insect. No spiders.

Is that a Dev thing or a phobia thing? I’d be happy either way, I’m just curious.

spider dude, spider

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Eh. I’m not scared of spiders. Others are. That’s one reason I think it’d be a bad idea. Too many arachnophobes to make a spider, too little insectophobes to not make a bug. However, that’s not why I say it can’t be a spider.

The Devs have stated in the past that anything with more than six limbs is technically infeasible. Arachnids, like spiders, have eight. Sure, you could make it spider LIKE, but in no way could it have the traditional spider eight-leg thing.

So four legs and two other appendages would work?

Hell yeah! I want to play as an eight legged freak

Two legs and two other appendages, four legs and two other appendages… Hell, six legs or six appendages would work. Just no more than six.

A fine example of this is Kraken. Four legs, two tendril wings. Sure, his other tentacles move, but YOU don’t move them. The Kraken does that on it’s own.

I’m good with that.

Bring on the five tailed pogo stick of doom!

Not likely to happen because it’s not bipedal.

We have two quadrupeds.

Actually theyre both bipedal, they just use their front legs to ease their movements.
Kraken walks on 2 legs when walking backwards
Behemoth can support his own weight with no supports (casting Fissure)
Theyre the middle men

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doesn t mean they can t animate quadrupeds or stuff, i mean they made the scaradune the toad the tyrant the giant thing with thin legs they can do it

I’ve seen dogs walk on their hind legs for short periods of time as well. Does that make them bipedal? If your main form of transportation (besides flying and rolling of course) is walking on four limbs, you’re quadrupedal, no?

Oh I know, Kraken and Behe both walk Quadruped-like, I was just being a science nerd ;p