Who's watching the Boxing?


Who you think is going to win then guys…Mayweather or Pac-man?


Father’s watching it, I care not for boxing. He hopes Pac wins apparently, but he’s not sure who’ll win.


I’m not a hugh boxing fan too but for the BIG fights i like to watch !!!


First is Pac-man supposed to be Floyd Mayweather because you said Manny vs Pac-man. but they should have had this fight 5 years ago. They are both out of there prime. 5 years ago I would have said Manny had a chance to win, but I think Mayweather for sure now Manny isn’t that good anymore.


Mayweather is the favourite as he ainte lost yet he’s 47-0, pac-man has lost 5 times already.


lol yeah you know what i ment mayweather


Yeah he is 47-0 but he wouldn’t fight Manny in his Prime. He refused to fight the guy.


They are only fighting because of the money, let’s face it 5 years ago they probably wouldn’t have had this pay packet…mayweather wants a nice retirement


They would have 5 years ago made a ton of money. In fact 5 years Ago I would have been way more pumped. I mean yeah a big reason they did it was money, but I also think they are doing it because Mayweather isn’t afraid of Manny anymore. I think it would be a pretty big upset for Manny to win this fight. I think he will do good, but he really isn’t the same fighter anymore in my eyes.


What i want to know,i’ll admit i’m not a serious boxing fan but why is this built as the biggest fight because manny has lost 5 times?


Well Manny is a really good boxer, but its built to be this big fight because back in like 2010 Manny only had like 3 losses and he really wanted to fight Floyd. Floyd wouldn’t fight but the world wanted them to fight since they are the only boxers people know anymore I mean he and Floyd are really the only boxers you hear about anymore. How many other boxers could you name? its not the 90s anymore, so its a really big fight since they are the two boxers people care about even non boxer fans.

On a side note for boxing I don’t really care all about wins/losses. Only because once you get kinda big you can just turn people down. I mean Floyd has never lost, but I can only remember like 5 really big fights he was in? there aren’t that many great boxers anymore.

Edit: I should say I am not the biggest boxing fan. I just like a follow most sports. To be honest Boxing is dead anymore all the Paypre view stuff killed it.


Fuck I owe money now. Mayweather won.


LoL Manny thought he won,he’s gone down in my estimations.

Was a typical fight at that weight category 1 going for defense most of the match and the other just missing most times,it was boring actually when i think about it most of these hyped fights are when its all said and done.

First time i’ve watched manny fight,he ainte no different to the like’s of hatton and co.


yep. you missed his glory days. he was faster. moved better. and hit harder than anyone in that class. hes older now. and his primary focus is on political ordeals in the phillipines. ever since he started the politics hes been a different fighter. and not in a good way.