Who's the Worst Hunter in Each Class?


Whats up guys, bin away for awhile. Just wanted some opinions on who you all think are the worst hunters in each class. Why and how could they be better? I got thrown into a quick play an was playin as claira (took over bot) an the other on my team where ginin me shit like i chose her an told me ahe was the worst medic an that you cant get wins with her unless the monster is trash. So i was just wondering who to avoid really.


I edited the title to better for the subject you’re trying to discuss.

In my opinion, the worst for each class are as follows, Laz, Bucket, Abe, and Lennox.


Soery Shunty is sh*tlist not allowed or are we just avoiding profanities?


Reason why? Is it stats or skill levels required?


For Laz, he’s simply too much of a gimmick. Same can be said for Lennox. Bucket just doesn’t work too well in my opinion. For Abe, I main Crow. So I think he’s basically a lesser version of Crow.


I agree with this list. Only change I might make would be to replace Lennox with Markov (only because I think Markov has a smaller potential for damage than Lennox).


:assault: Dankov (I cri) since too little damage potential closely followed by Lenny since she’s easily countered thus weakening her damage potential as well. But she’s better than Dankov.

:trapper: Abe (nuuuu my favorite;-;) basically crow but weaker tracking method

:support: bucket (;_;) Not a real threat by any means

:medic: Laz. Should be self explanatory.


Emet, Bucket, Maggie, Blitzkov.

Please note: Maggie was a VERY struggled “only picked because i had to pick”, pick. I generally find ALL of the trappers to be pretty darn powerful, and have for a long time largely considered them the most “balanced class” in and amongst themselves with few notable/small exceptions. I picked Maggie because i find the CC of stasis to be more effective against more of the monsters in more situations than harpoons. Her harpoons, yes, CAN be very annoying as a monster- but take a long time to set up, and may or may not do what you wanted them to do in the first place. (I also strongly feel stasis is amazingly misunderstood by a lot of low-mid level hunters, albeit not all, for how powerful it Really is, and more importantly- why it is).

The rest of the picks? They were easy.

Emet players are often bewildered by the ooo pretty numbers they see theyve healed back at the end- But those numbers are, for MANY reasons, amazingly misleading. But the big thing- Is emet lacks the capacity to heal back a focused hunters- which is how the majority of top-tier monsters obtain downs, by focusing someone into the dirt. Hes basically laz, without the ability to no-strike revive, but can drop a respawn beacon, that probably wont work. His one saving grace, originally, was his damage- which has been nerfed.

Bucket. Is bucket. He lacks the capacity to do focused/quick/burst damage- And instead goes for “little, but consistent annoying damage”. The problem is- Good monsters DONT hang around. They open up with an “opener”, and if it lands, they focus you down. If they MISS their opener, they skirt around again- Because they KNOW they have minimal chance to secure a down (even without shields)- Until their combo is back off cooldown. Cabot on the flip side can bring in some dramatic burst damage, kala, who does amazing burst damage on her own, can bypass armor against mitigating monsters and guarantee damage as well, etc and etc.

And blitzkov. His damage is just too easily crippled. If the monster breaks the beam by/before the 3rd beam- Not only does he do less damage overall per second of trigger time than markov- Hes crippled for an EXTENDED Period of time after that. Markov can get back on the trigger, and do business as usual. If blitzkovs beam is broken, and he gets back on the trigger- he no longer has enough juice in the tank to hit the upper tiers of the LG which are necessary to do any meaningful damage in the first place- So the options are to wait until the LG fills back up and “try again”, or curse and immediately jump on the AR. And the sad thing is- His beam is EASILY broken. Monster used a traversal? Beam broken. Monster punched you? Beam broken. Monster punched you? Beam broken. Monster got too close and wonked up the lock-on angle? Beam broken. Monsters like wraith especially, with her ability to blink in any direction a range which are especially bad- Or kraken- Who depending on the map can basically fly directly above you at the upper-range limits of the LG, meaning hell just in practice break the beam constantly by simply “flying around doing kraken things” without even really trying.

It still baffles me how people can think laz is a weak medic, (Admittedly, hes a higher-tier medic to use properly, which makes him bad for pub play, and you do basically win or LOSE games because of him. More than viable in my eyes- but definitely risky) but thats another topic for another day :smiley:


Failov :assault:
Abe :trapper:
BUFFket :support:
Lazzy boy :medic:


By gimmick do you mean one horse show? From what ive heard laz is either a make or break player an people either love him or hate him.





So much feel bad for bucket. Some one give that guy a buff lmfao.

So everybody basically agrees the worst assualt is the Markovs or Lennox.

The worst support being bucket

The worst medic is Laz (i assumed it to be Emet or claira)

And the worst Trapper is Abe.

Maybe i shld wait for a few more responses but if thesr are the worst, have they bin the worst for awhile? Or hav they become this way semi-recently?


Btw sorry bout all the misspelling and typos. I have a tiny phone and big fingers lmfao



Sorry but it’s true ;-;

He’s the only support I can play well and he sucks now ;-;

We miss the days where he was actually a good pick. Then o base TRS made the wise decision to beat him into a coma with the nerfbat.


You have never played with a good Crow.


Yeah, he either works or doesn’t. I mean that literally. Sometimes the glove doesn’t actually work.


Nah as in he is ungodly easy to counter once you know how he works. So he’s Super predictable which is something you do not want in a game or anything really.


this is rly saddening because i love bucket and emet tons but right now they’re p much the weakest. please save my robot sons i love them they are my children. though i personally much rather have emet on my team than laz.

trappers are all fine, guess if i had to pick it would be abe dont like him as a character anyway lol. assault probably lennox because she’s easy to counter. which is also sad because she’s my fav assault.


So once you factor in his low healing potential to his predictability you get a useless medic. I see. Im pickin up what yall are puttin down.

And takin notes lol