Who's the most difficult hunter to get to elite with?

I’ve currently only got Caira and Sunny up to elite, but I’m very close with a few others. I was wondering who’s got the most difficult challenges and what hunters you’ve had problems getting to elite with.

Slim before the changes, I don’t remember exactly what challenges you had to do, but it was pretty annoying and long @_@


Val makes me mad :confused:


Slim and Sunny before the patch were the hardest.

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I’d would say that Slim is the hardest overall. But it is mostly about is current tedium.

Wait, till the incoming patch even give slim enough time revive a teammate after shooting the spoor gun?

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I got Sunny to elite when she was first released, I didn’t think she was hard, but it was very tedious.


Yeah, Val’s challenges are so monotonous, but I’m almost there with her :val_cute:

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Sunny Yú.

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I had to spwnd all night on solo defend to finish Sunny, so she was a tough one for me, and the last one I had to do.

Slim for sure was the most difficult.

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I don’t seek to master any character, if it happens it happens, but they really need to lower all of them again. I can see it taking forever if you don’t go solo and that’s not good.

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I think Val is hard, the tranq and head shots are annoying

Cabot. I can’t get Headshots if my life depended on it.
I got Elite Slim through the bug that gives you mastery if you don’t play him. I never had to grind masteries for him. :smile:

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His headshot mastery requirement is really high to be fair.

Val is harder, becuase it’s hard with the snipin rifle with the monster running around

You have to have about the same level of precision to hit with the Rail cannon as the sniper rifle, and Cabot has to get a something like 26,000 headshot damage. It was hard to get back when I got him elite before the rail cannon nerf.

But you don’t have that scope do you?

Is that supposed to make it more difficult? You don’t have to use the scope on Val. The hipfire accuracy on the sniper rifle is great.

I know but it’s still hard

I had a friend to help. Val was really easy to do otherwise.
Haven’t bothered to grind Sunny mastery yet, not worried yet. I’m more focused on Laz, Caira (ugh, boring), Hyde, and Parnell Mastery.