Whos the bad guy?


Just a quick question, is the monster destroying the human facilities for no reaosn, or are humans an angry mob disturbing the nature of the planet, and the monster is some kind of vengeful beast protecting the planet?


Not sure if this is 100% correct, but I think the monster is genetically engineered and designed to wreck planets. The hunters are just cleaning up the mess.


Shear is an untamed planet, it’s all natural wildlife, however the monsters are incredibly smart and aggressive.

Also Lazarus is evil.


the monster is human made?! what the…


Actually, Daisy is the bad guy.

See, you’ll see when they release the story but what’s actually happening is that Daisy is manipulating them to fight each other. Daisy got her family to go as a pack and destroy the Monster’s eggs, leaving behind a cupcake. The monster, with his extensive knowledge of human culture, knew that it came from that cupcake factory and is trying to destroy it’s power supply to stop any more from being made.

On the other hand, daisy hacked the ships computers to send a distress call, which is why they arrive before the monster is large enough to do any significant damage.

Proof can be seen in the dropship by looking to the far right as you jump as support.


I never liked that dog… bear… whatever anyway =O


I haven’t a clue really. Val mentions following the whole thing up when she’s done and I just vaguely recall seeing something of that effect mentioned elsewhere. To be honest, I thought I read it on the forum but now I’m not so sure. Hence why I said to take it with a grain of salt.


I always thought Monsters were some sort of invaders.
In one of the dialogues someone asks Val what she is going to do after the hunt and in the end she says she wants to find out where the monsters came from or something similiar.


Monsters are an Invasive species, and this isn’t the first colony they’ve hit. They devastate the local environment.

Yeah, they’re the bad guys


Darn… ive kindasorta hoped that even if theyre monsters, they have a good reason to fight the humans. Now its just slaughtering whatever does the mistake of crossing their paths =/
Anyway, since the lore is not excactly ingame, i might as well just imagine the hunters being the bad guys o.o


Aaah, so I was halfway there. I wonder what Val’s investigations would bring up.


So far everything suggests they’re just animals. Really intelligent ones.

They’re hunting the wildlife and eliminating the competition: Humans.

Still they outclass the native fauna, and will wipe them out if not controlled.


as i spawned on the dam as monster i realised that a ship was leaving the area instead of arriving to drop the hunters off. so i was thinking was i dropped by the ship like predator films, you know like to predators the hunt is all a game…


I think that’s a flyby. To get a visual.


nooo. I dont want to be degraded from a protector of nature against evil humans to a playtoy in set up matches for rich audiences who bet on the game =(


You know there are like slaughtered humans all over the levels right? I’m pretty sure you can figure out who done it.


Like it or not the monster is the villain.

If the monster was native it would be more heroic. But it’s not.

It could drive everything on shear extinct.


actually ive never seen those slaughtered humans. But still, that wouldnt 100% mean that the monster is evil. As said, when he wants to protect the planet against expansive humans, he kills them of course.


He’s no protector

The monsters are invasive species.


Protect the planet? I just watched him set half the jungle on fire and consume all wildlife within. O.o