Who's That Mystery Monster In The Logo Screen?


At the beginning of the game a Monster, presumably Goliath runs under the screen stomping through a puddle and forming the iconic foot print…

Now… Goliath has an ‘X’ shaped foot print, whereas the Monster in the logo screen has 4 toes in a paw-like shape… Care to share, TRS? T5 maybe? :blush:

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It’s Goliath’s hand print. :monster:



its goliaths old footprint



So he stumbles in the logo screen?

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I see… I haven’t seen the old one…



I would say he’s sneaking, but it’s way too loud.

Maybe he’s tracking whatever he’s eating in the opening cinematic.

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Yes. At stage 1 the Goliath sometimes stumbles when running uninterrupted.

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Been brought up in the past, it’s been confirmed as goliaths hand print

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To me it looks like the Savage Goliath

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looks like it

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I was gonna say Goliath “other things” but these days I cower in fear from flagging



Actually a Stage 1 Goliath does stumble. I laughed when I saw a Minion basically trip and had to break his fall with on of his arms.

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It’s Goliath’s handprint.

and that isn’t an Orion Terrorsaur’s foot print… :wink:

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Incorrect. The Devs stated that they wanted the footprint to be a generic monster print that didn’t belong to any of the existing monsters. So while its Goliath running across, that iconic footprint doesn’t belong to any monsters.

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What? My whole life is a lie.

But it looks just like Goliath’s hand…

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There is no spoon. Or in this case, Goliath’s Hand.



How about spooning with Goliath?

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He’s tracking Hunters. You see the spikes- he’s Stage 3- and he follows their boot prints.

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