Who's That Mystery Monster In The Logo Screen?


At the beginning of the game a Monster, presumably Goliath runs under the screen stomping through a puddle and forming the iconic foot print…

Now… Goliath has an ‘X’ shaped foot print, whereas the Monster in the logo screen has 4 toes in a paw-like shape… Care to share, TRS? T5 maybe? :blush:


It’s Goliath’s hand print. :monster:


its goliaths old footprint


So he stumbles in the logo screen?


I see… I haven’t seen the old one…


I would say he’s sneaking, but it’s way too loud.

Maybe he’s tracking whatever he’s eating in the opening cinematic.


Yes. At stage 1 the Goliath sometimes stumbles when running uninterrupted.


Been brought up in the past, it’s been confirmed as goliaths hand print


To me it looks like the Savage Goliath


looks like it


I was gonna say Goliath “other things” but these days I cower in fear from flagging


Actually a Stage 1 Goliath does stumble. I laughed when I saw a Minion basically trip and had to break his fall with on of his arms.


It’s Goliath’s handprint.

and that isn’t an Orion Terrorsaur’s foot print… :wink:


Incorrect. The Devs stated that they wanted the footprint to be a generic monster print that didn’t belong to any of the existing monsters. So while its Goliath running across, that iconic footprint doesn’t belong to any monsters.


What? My whole life is a lie.

But it looks just like Goliath’s hand…


There is no spoon. Or in this case, Goliath’s Hand.


How about spooning with Goliath?


He’s tracking Hunters. You see the spikes- he’s Stage 3- and he follows their boot prints.