Who's ready to melt monster health bars with a damage multiplier of x4?


Val sniper tag on the head of a monster while Cabot runs his damage amp gun. Takes some serious aim skills, but can you see pro teams abusing this as much as I can?


That is only if the damage stacks, they may test to see if the damage multiplier stacking is too much and take it out.

Personally taking it out would give more team composition options.


Team of Val, Markov, Maggie, and Cabot. Val gets a head shot on Goliath, Cabot uses his damage multiplier, then Markov uses the lightning gun near the head area, we have a smocked monster for dinner.


I don’t doubt that they will allow stacking, especially since getting consistent headshots, on Goliath at least, is already pretty friggin hard.

Not allowing them to stack would really cripple some synergies, and would basically make Cabot mostly redundant, for team damage amp purposes, since both medics currently out already have damage amp.

I’m all for the damage stacking. The more options I have for my team construction, the happier I’ll be.


Lightning Gun doesn’t benefit from damage amps, same with Hyde’s Flamethrower. Only weapons that fire bullets like Hank’s Laser Cutter (not bullets I know but confirmed to work) or Markov’s Assault Rifle. Even Bucket’s Missiles don’t benefit from damage amps, though sentry guns do.


Huh, not a bad way to rein in the stupid health melting damage. I imagine this boost would make the assaults’ bullet-guns do quite a bit more damage than the primary. Still, takes a whole team comp to set it up.


Personally I don’t see a huge benefit coming from this. Unless the monster was trapped for a while, thanks to a good and lucky trapper, the majority of shots wouldn’t hit the head and if they did, they still might not hit the target.

You’d need Cabot just improving damage, Val shooting the head then perhaps using tranqs and med, the trapper helping to stop movement all so assault could hopefully aim well and hit the target until he breaks free like five seconds later. Personally I think with that setup you’d get maybe three bars of armor down, maybe a bit more with a very well aimed assault. It’d be a nice little combo if you already have them on your team, but I wouldn’t make a team around just that.


Damage amplifiers stack in an additive way.


This is correct, as stated here: Evolve Questions and Answers (Old Topic)

I know that only projectile based, none AOE weapons benefit from marks, and monsters aren’t really know for standing still. I never remember aiming at a monsters specific body parts, I would aim for marks if I could, otherwise just trying to hit the damn thing at all was hard enough.

Also this means that Weak spots + Damage Amp will not be enough to do 4x damage.

Team Composition

you still would never beat me


Well, yeah. That’s how I got 4x. That’s pretty much how it works in most games.


you are incorrect, cabbots gun increases ALL incoming damage. And markovs gun does hit a snipers weakspot


Yeah, as I said, really hard to pull off effectively. The thing is, the monster’s ability to move is really limited by the game; you can learn how to move optimally, but your model only moves so fast. The players’ ability to aim, though, is not limited at all. Thus, I think that the pros could have a chance of reliably pulling this off. I would not be surprised to see a tournament team run this comp.

Not sure what trapper I’d use for it though. I think I’d prefer Cole, since he has a long-term slow down instead of an instant stop. Plus, the monster would be constantly turning to break the harpoon tethers, reducing the chance of hitting it in the head.


Nah, but 3x damage just for painting a spot on Goliath’s back with Cabot amp is still mighty tasty, and easier and safer to hit :slight_smile:


Woops, I misworded my comment. I meant Markov’s Lightning gun does not benefit from the Sniper Markers.


This does mean that your support (who usually is the other major damage dealer of the group) is doing nothing directly and you rely entirely on your Assault to do enough damage. If you could get the monster to stay still enough to get head shots with two characters and keep the damage amp on him why not just orbital strike him, or even better, weak spot the middle of the torso and use 5 sentries.

I think the damage amp+weakspots+headshots sounds good in theory and perhaps some perfect storm of skilled players might be able to use it but you are just giving up so much other reliable damage by using it. Markov mines, orbital strike, sentries, lightning gun/flame thrower, laser cutter etc. Not to mention the fact the medics healing is so ham strung by needing to keep the monster tranq’d and weak spotted all the time.

If there is one thing I have learned from watching dota it is that super high skill cap options tend to be ignored by pros in favor of more reliable options, which is why characters like Mepo are not really played by pros.

3-4 times damage is cool but when you realise you have committed all of your team to letting your assault shoot his rifle for more damage it is very niche and probably not that much better than just doing lots of damage from multiple sources.


Wouldn’t that add up to 350% damage? There seems to be some miscommunication with Cabot’s damage amplifier. IGN’s site states that it adds on 50% extra damage but apparently in the reveal video somebody said double damage. If you consider how much extra damage that is, 50% makes much more sense because that will average him out around or slightly above Bucket’s damage per round, depending on who’s in your team.


Devs have confirmed that it’s 100%
@Stelarch put the quote up above


Oh sorry, missed that. Wow, that’s pretty huge. Good payoff for painting such a huge target on himself I guess. I probably would have put it at 75% but then I don’t know just how much uptime he gets with the beam.


100% seems pretty good to me, it has some great game play associated with it. Monster can break line of sight on it, he can target you directly or disrupt the assault meaning your damage amp wont do much. I love things that are interactive like that, creating gameplay choices for both sides.

If you time it right you could damage amp just as the monster is about to land on a mine nest, now THAT is some insane damage if you watched it happen in the last livestream. Personally I see that is far more insane than the 4x assault rifle damage. A mine is about a half bar of health, with damage amp a 5 mine nest could drop 5 bars of health!