Who's ready for Gorgon nerfs?


A new monster is out lads and lasses, and she’s a nasty one. We all know what that means, if history has taught us anything ( it did.)

My prediction? Mimic’s damage will be halved, and they will remove the ability for the mimic to web sling. I’m guessing that will be first to go. I sure hope not though, because I’m really loving this monster (and I didn’t think I would.)

Any other predictions? What will the crybabies cry hardest about?

Get ready for future Gorgon Nerfs!

Mimic with 3 pt deals 730 dmg. If mimic lost traversals then it would be really bad.

No gorgon needs no nerfs. The morons just need to get better.


I doubt that she will be nerfed, from what I have been seeing from people is that she lacks in the overall damage department.

I have yet to test to give my input but I doubt she will be hard nerfed like you said.


While I do agree with you, better terminology could be used.


Gorgon wasn’t meant for single focus. That’s not her specialty. Wear down is. And she’s easily the best monster for that.


No nerfs please. p.p I haven’t even gotten a chance to play her yet.


Anyone who is saying shes too power and needs nerfs

Is jumping the gun.

Anyone who is saying shes underpower and needs buffs.

is jumping the gun.

Anyone who is saying shes balanced and needs nothing

Is jumping the gun.


She’s definitely one of the most balanced monsters out of them all. Everytime I play as her or against her, the games are much closer than that of playing against Behemoth or Kraken (who tend to dominate) and Goliath (who tends to lose now). Can’t say anything for Wraith because I literally never see her.


My only experience with spiderwitch against real hunters is two games against people in the low silver-upper bronze range (I’m silver master or w/e.)

Both of those games were easy, as in I was caught maybe twice, and never lost more than a bar of health. But Gorgon is young yet, people don’t know how to fight her, and those folks weren’t highly ranked anyway. So maybe that’s coloring my expectations.

But we’ve all seen how people react to new monsters, and I expect Gorgon will see the exact same. She has amazing mobility (wall cling and the wall pounce can be really effective in combat - dat impact damage!) and her abilities can reeeeally fuck up the hunters. If that spider trap gets a hold of the medic, things can get ugly quick.

At the same time, I think a really well coordinated team could smush Gorgon like the grub she is. Hoping she isn’t nerfed, but it wouldn’t be surprised.


I think they’ve learned their lesson better with Tier 5. Jack, Lennox and Gorgon have all been balanced extremely well (or so it would seem by now) and haven’t been changed much at all.

In fact the only time that really happened was with Wraith, Laz and Behemoth. Finally became viable, then people whinged so they got nerfed. :s Tier 4 was nerfed a tonne, ya, but they kinda deserved it back then.


To be honest I only one I have seen “crying”(I assume you mean complaining) is you, which is slightly ironic.


I fear the weak damage : high health ratio is a bit silly making the fights a tad longer than you would expect against this kind of Monster, but I’m not really sure how problematic that’d really be and/or if that would actually require a buff or nerf.

So far that’s literally the only nitpick I can think of and it’s a rather tiny one.


There’s a lot of lobbies I’ve joined into tonight with people saying how broken and OP Gorgon is for one skill or another. I really think people need find their sweet spot with fighting her. I’ve found her much more fun to fight than Wraith, which is the monster I keep hearing these players compare her to.

Personally, I think there’s a lot of enjoyment in learning to fight a new monster. The Spider Trap was the annoying skill off the bat, but I’m learning how to listen for it. Experimenting with what Support I prefer to use against her and how to read her skills, learn her sounds, etc. has been a refreshing experience to have again. I even found out how super useful Crow is against her. :smile:


I don’t really have anything to complain about. In fact, I haven’t really complained about anything in my prior two posts… Except for the usual hyperbolic imbalance-claiming posters which haven’t shown up yet, I guess. I have nothing but positive things to say about Gorgon: at first, I didn’t think I would enjoy playing as her, but it turns out I’m having much more fun with her than I have with most (any?) of the other monsters. Her creepy-as-he’ll aesthetic is growing on me more and more as well.

So really, I think you’re grasping at straws with your post. I understand, you see someone with a gripe, it bothers you, you want to shut them down by making them look stupid, so you go for irony which isn’t there. I get it, but I don’t think that line of action was appropriate here :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, that escalated quickly.

I just pointed out how your post is overly negative and it’s patronizing nature isn’t helpful, because your post isn’t feedback, nor a topic to be discussed, but rather a saracastic “message” to everyone who jump the gun determing Gorgon’s balance which they will likely not read in the first place.

The irony was that you jumped the gun complaining about the “cry babies” that will jump the gun complaining about Gorgon as the only post about Gorgon’s balance have been about someone not being able to out-put enough damage and the creator of that topic was a sensible person that agreed to try out some combos suggested by other forum members, rather that complaining.


They wont remove its ability to web sling, itl be unusable then. But the damage will be fixed. Because It does 45 or 50% of your health.


Fighting the spider trap is very weird, because sometimes I’ll empty an entire clip of Parnell’s shotgun on it and it won’t die or release a hunter, but other times it takes just a couple shots for that to happen. Maybe it’s glitched?
Also, I think the spider trap should have a longer time until activation. Right now it seems the Gorgon can just aim it at a hunter’s feet and they can’t do anything to avoid being carried away. Markov’s mines have an activation time, why not the spider trap also?


if we talking about dots, i put 3 in acid spray and watch hunter HP melt in seconds. This may get the treatment but Gorgon gonna need something in the damage department so that might stay.


I won a match at s2 with just spider mines and web snare lol