Who's playing with the forums?


Getting alot of

503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.

errors and now seeing white backgrounds.


Someone spilled coke on the server. Possibly someone upset about not getting into the beta. @Macman I’m looking at you! :stuck_out_tongue:


How can the co-founder not make it he’s just to scared to play us :stuck_out_tongue: Think u meant alpha though.


Correctomundo! I meant Alpha. Maybe he got kicked because he is in charge of balancing the game and as such he secretly buffs/nerfs things without telling the team he’s playing against.


If I can’t play, NO ONE CAN PLAY! :wink:



Monster Stage 4

Seriously though the forum colors are changing.


I knew it! :slight_smile: You wouldn’t like @Macman when he’s angry! HULK SMASH! Or in this case. GOLIATH SMASH!


You know too much.

You must be silenced.


@DanYouhon The box on the left of a person’s profile which states their name, trust level etc, has gone blank, and the background has faded too.


I assume the changes come with a Discourse software update, but I just can’t understand why Discourse would force cosmetic changes to revert to default. Very annoying on their part, if that’s the case.