Who's More OP? Kraken Vs. Waggie!


#Ultimate Showdown

  • Kraken
  • Waggie

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Neither, both have their strengths and weaknesses. I feel no dread seeing either on th other team.


Kraken. When in the air, you can move while aiming Lightning Strike, if you start to fly, you can stay flying for a while if you just stay still or never use another Airburst, and the Vortex-LS-BM combo that nearly kills/incapps a Hunter. Anything else I’m forgetting?

  • Both are Balanced
  • Both are Balanced2

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just for you mate =]


Visuals not matching damage hitboxes for one =]


I may be the odd man out, but I don’t get much trouble from either. I mean, my Monster play isn’t exactly on point, but Mad Mags isn’t the bane of my existence. Kraken just requires a different strategy to fight.


Waggie! hahahhahaha sounds like a dog. Kraken def. OP


They’re both annoying and they’re both OP. However with Kraken 3 out of 4 hunters are still able to run around the map and do their thing; with WLM 1 out of 1 monster is practically crippled the entire time. That means that WLM manages to cripple 100% of the monsters in a match, where as Kraken only has a 25% of the hunters being tumbled.

How does WLM’s 100% feel less annoying than Kraken? Because there’s 4 people complaining about Kraken in that exact same match, whereas the monster is all by his lonesome self complaining about WLM.


How can this even be a contest…? Kraken is like 10x more annoying to face and stronger than poor ol waggie! like for reals you monster players can’t beat a hunter with “1” harpoon and a dog that breaths out fire? my god somethings wrong with you monster players!


What a load of old cobbly poop! don’t give me “waggie is more OP than Kraken” are you that delusional…?


It’s about what she brings to the team. That 1 harpoon has great CC ability. Being only 1 harpoon, she spends less time placing traps, and more time doing damage (which is very good damage). The visual effect of constantly being on burn adds some pressure. There’s no actual disadvantage to WLM. Daisy has lower hp? So fucking what? Good hunters just use her to start the dropship anyway. Makes no difference if she’s dead, because the Maggie and co should be able to keep track of you after you disengage. Maggie keeps the centre with her MS, hunters flush and make sure monster doesn’t get past. If it goes quiet, you check more carefully. If the monster is moving fast, you can also move fast.

That one harpoon covers a greater area than 3, doesn’t have the disadvantage of multiple activations at once, which do no extra benefit (= less time wasted), and has a faster activation for more rapid assistance and reactivity.

He’s entitled to his opinion.


Didn’t say he wasn’t aloud an opinion but just stating he’s out of his mind believing his statement!

Sure WLM does more damage but it’s so easy to destroy the “1” harpoon she has! especially if your AOE type of monster then it shouldn’t be a problem!


is this even a question anymore. just nope’d the heck out of a game because ppl didn’t skip defend in QP and the guy decided elite kraken was the way to go. no thank u…

i wouldn’t mind waste mag getting nerfed but as long as kraken is the way he is i am literally incapable of feeling guilty about her.


But i don’t get how she’s classed as OP anyway i mean if i go trapper i don’t think “oh i have to go waggie to win” like every SS monster or above hell even DTR’s go Kraken because they know it’s the most OP monster since launch Wraith!


This isn’t about a head-to-head on WLM vs a Kraken. It’s who’s more powerful overall. WLM has a lot to offer with very little in terms of disadvantages. Kraken has his slower mobility (by which I mean the slower burst traversal, the ability to spot him high up, and easily cut and apply pressure on the chase, and the chip damage he can take). Catch Kraken in a decent S1 dome, and you should be half way to winning. There are a lot of maps that help in cutting him off (this is great when coupled with a chase comp), and you can often prevent feeding to a decent degree, applying more pressure.


You mean the harpoon that sticks through walls and requires more than one melee hit? Ah yes, that seems really easy to deal with.

That’s because the other trappers are just as viable, not because Waggie isn’t OP. You get the liberty of choosing. Monster players pretty much see Waggie every game; occasionally teamed up with Slim and Hank even. How do you deal with teams like that? Easy. You run Kraken. And since you can’t tell what comp a team is going to run, a lot of people make the safest choice and just pick Kraken anyway. Is that Kraken’s fault? Hardly. Blame it on the people who run the OP comps, leaving monster players no other option but to play Kraken.


Both are overpowered, stop this *the other side deserves it’ bs.

An eye for an eye will leave the world blind, or in Evolve’s case kill off what’s left of the remaining players.


I voted Kraken because no matter how blatantly OP Waggie gets, she’s still 1 out of 4 peeps. Simply put.

With Kraken it’s like I’m dealing with 4 Waggies. Fuck that.

Also Kraken is more “OP” to me in the sense that everything about him makes me laugh.
Flying goes completely against the game’s rules and the devs seemingly didn’t really balance it out. So what you got here is a Monster that can bodycamp without the slightest penalty.

But he also has the highest offensive strength out of any Monster, despite nullifying so many Hunters with his ability to fly. Some Hunters are utterly worthless against him. But no, let’s also give him the highest damage output.

Then you got Banshee “Mines”. I always jokingly whisper their name back to me when I got killed by one of these things that instantly activated as soon as it was in front of my face. Can’t even react to that shit. There’s nothing “Mines” about them. They’re shot at your face and instantly deal damage.
And if, if you were somehow able to react in time - good luck with that. 9 out of 10 times you’ll have your Medgun or Harpoon Traps or whatever in your hands so you can’t even deal with them to begin with.

Aftershock is a giant mess. It was supposed to be a last resort for when the flying Monster got grounded by the Hunters, but nope instead Aftershock is an entire reason on its own for Kraken to deliberately divebomb towards the ground.


Last patch most of the so called OP hunters were nerfed take Sunny even with capactiy perk on her Jet pack booster it doesn’t even go over 100% now,before it was like 140% i think, Hank was also nerfed too, now even before waggie came on the scene monster players were always choosing Kraken it’s all i ever saw lobby after lobby! now granted the last week i’ve seen maybe more Meteor Goliaths than kraken but that’s because the try hard Kraken players know a nerfs incomming so they need to practice with the next OP monster before their beloved Kraken goes on the sidelines.


Couldn’t agree more dude kudos for feeling the same as me!