Who's idea was it to put Sunny in the free-rotation?


Because playing monster now is SO much fun now that EVERY team has a Sunny. Every game is the same, you run, they are as fast as you because of her bullshit boost which pretty much doubles ur jetboost. No need for planetscan, they can CONSTANTLY see where you are, no need for sneaking at all. Eat as much as you can before you get domed with just 1/2 evolve bar. Hell, you might aswell start fighting at stage 1 at the droppoint…

Don’t let me even get started on her drone, which is basicly a portable Hank lol.

Yes, I’ve played Sunny myself. Just got her to lvl 16 for the perk then I quit playing her because she’s so cheesy, boring and OP at the same time.

Back to playing hunter only :smiley:


So ummm, why don’t you just down her first?

Tune in next week for another hyperbole rich episode of why Cabot sucks.


Because she has her whole team protecting her, and she can shield herself with her shield drone? You make it sound so easy, and yet shes the hardest support to focus down, simply because she has her own form of defense. Best support by far.




JUST down her lol. I think you didn’t notice everyone got a hold on the griffin hype aswell.


I’m curious how did Sunny boost her entire team - it’s single target. How did Sunny predict your movements? You are indeed correct about every game being the same. It was the same last week when people played the characters on free rotation, what exactly is so different? Oh I know, I love how all those monsters players are showing that hunters do not have the advantage at stage 1 by wiping them all out at spawn.


By giving them all a boost each. Taking capacity on Sunny allows for some pretty bullshit plays.

The difference is that Sunny is one of the most unfun hunters in the game, for multiple reasons.

  1. She brings hilarious amounts of team utility, as well as self sustain, with 0 to no downsides, other than maybe her damage, but shes a support, damage isn’t her job, so eh.
  2. She makes every match all about her. You have no choice, but to focus her, and her stupid little drone. Otherwise? You’re going to frustratingly chase around a hunter that is constantly shielded, flying around faster than you can ever hope to move (unless you’re Wraith, but Wraith is just as stupid), and you’ll die.
  3. Jesus tapdancing christ her voice rends my eardrums asunder.

So yes, it is different. Other hunters bring new and exciting fights. Sunny brings “Focus me or you’ll die horribly” fights. And that makes for a pretty shitty match.

Any competent team should wipe said monsters off the face of the earth. Except maybe Kraken, because he has a bullshit instagib combo from dropship, but guess what, hunters are getting buffed for it. Temporary invincibility off dropship.


Well I agree with these guys but here’s ur good news when sunnys variant comes out @GentlemanSquirl has said he wants to split her kit up so sunny will lose the jpb or the portable hank.

Edit …which would make her still very viable on stage 2 imo


This is why I despise Sunny, she single-handedly dictates your entire strategy just by being in the fight and you have zero choice about what you can do. Other hunters can have a big impact on your plans for the match - Lazarus requires some bespoke strategies and can take you out of your comfort zone etc. But nothing compares to Sunny.

Sometimes your only hope is to ambush the hunters when they’re looking the other way to make sure she doesn’t get time to set up, since if she does you then have three ultra-high priority targets to worry about.

Do you go for the medic to try and burst them down? Shielded from 30m away from up a cliff and now moving at mach 3 towards the opposite wall of the arena.

Do you go for Sunny herself to try and stem the flow of fermented bullshit? Healed by the medic and shielded by the drone at the other side of the arena.

Do you go for the drone constantly shielding the hunters and charging power like it just absorbed Android 18? Kill it if you like but any good Sunny will have already dropped another one and will be sprinting away from it so you can’t hit her at the same time.

The only viable tactic I’ve ever found against a good Sunny outside of Kraken or Gorgon play is to walk to the drone and soak damage on the way; kill the drone with melee hits then burn as many traversals and abilities as it takes to get to her before the next drone gets its shield up so you can kill it with a couple of melee swings and start damaging her before she gets away from it, then keep on her until she finally goes down, then make sure nobody gets her back up again until it’s time to disengage. At no point during any of this process is the monster having fun, when I heard Sunny was the WEEK TWO free pick my reaction was more or less:

Like I said in the thread I started a while ago it might not be quite as bad for Kelder since most of his abilities are mid-range, but spare a thought for the new monster players who enjoyed Meteor Goliath and spent their keys buying him or original recipe Goliath, my soul weeps for them…


Don’t bother. This is not a “hey guys I’m having trouble with sunny, do you have any suggestions?” thread. It’s a “omg sunny op wtf, omfg game must be broken because I am the Bobby Fischer of Evolve” type of thread


For my money it’s a “Why would you subject new monster players with 1 week of play time to Sunny!?” thread.


I’m kinda thinking what they went with this weak is lets get the pubstompers out of the way (sunny/kelder)


You should discuss this with a dedicated Sunny player, she still has weaknesses you can use for your advantage.
I would tell how but since the tone in topic is rather hostile it’s just going to end up being a huge yes, no, yes, no arguement.


Just gonna pop in and say one thing - The booster only boosts for an extra 25%. Not double.

Thought that needed to be said.


Another ‘Sunny is OP vs Sunny is balanced’ thread pop up again

/me grab popcorn and waiting for new post~


I feel every week with each rotation, we’ll have threads like this from newbs complaining about hunters and monsters.

And I also fear the developers might actually consider what they say.


Would it surprise you if the devs are releasing particular characters on the free roster because they want to obtain more information about them in order to properly decide what to do with them, and how?


That’s… actually really smart.


Sorry you’re have Sunny probs man. We’ve all been there.


Her drone is not same as hank it takes good amount of time to charge up before it can shield and it’s dumb it shields after u take damage… so if you spread damage then drone is useless … all monsters have aoe ability use it to kill drone and focus her even if she pops another drone u have bout 6 secs before it shields again … plenty of time to burst her down…