Who's excited for the next tier of Hunter Variations?


So, like the title says, who’s excited for the next tier of hunters? And by “tier”, I mean people like Rogue Val, Blitz Markov, etc. I know I am. I can also predict who they’re gonna be. In order from the right of Tech Hank, it’s Griffin, Caira, what looks like Abe, and Parnell. Anyways, your thoughts and opinions are appriciated.


Highly! HYPE

We got Electo Griffin’s name and look. Renegade Abe’s name and look as well. All we need to know is Parnell and Q-Caira


I believe you should edit the title to add next tier of Variation hunters instead of just tier.


I fixed it :slight_smile:


I am!!! Can’t wait!!!


wait we got elektro griffins look ? i didnt see :confused:


Gentlemen, gentlemen.
You are all missing the main attraction:
Lazarus’s variant. A character SO awesome they don’t even dare to show his silhouette before he is ready to be revealed.


I find it strange that they’d go for Abe and Caira instead of Bucket & Lazarus (since those are the tier 2 hunters, abe & caira are tier 3), but the leaked Abe skin doesn’t lie.


Wait for it… he has a gauntlet that can put living hunters back on the dropship.

Or better yet! Revive the monster after the match!


They decided to not just shoehorn ideas in to character adaptations just because of tiers. From now on it seems characters will come out when there are good idea for them, not just because they’re next in the original release order

New Wraith Variation

I am but not enough just give me more monsters


He looks like a mix of Robocop, a Spy Kid, and the world’s worst Pornstar.


I just want stage 2 to be on consoles lol


wait i thought that was a skin…i got that in my daily rewards…so he comes out soon ??


I don’t know. All we know is that that is indeed Electro Griffin.

Edit: For comparison…

This is the official Electro Griffin silhouette…

…and this is the Electro Griffin image.


I’m just curious if the new Griff will have a different field of vision because of that “cyclops” inspired headgear.


I would assume not, considering the fact that Slim, Lennox, and Kala don’t.

However, anything is possible!


Also, I’ll show you this as well, in case you haven’t seen it.