Who's buying/bought a next-gen console just for Evolve?


Well the title does speak for itself, and yes, I’m one of them. Before I made this decision I kept thinking “Ugh… why can’t it come out on 360?!” but we all know the specs are too low and they’d have to downgrade a great product just to do that, so instead I decided I may as well make the leap. If Evolve didn’t exist, I would be getting Dragon Age: Inquisition on 360 in a few months instead and probably an xbox one or PS4 around the end of next year.

So who else is in this list? Bought already or saving up? If ya did buy it do you regret it a little after the recent delay?


I was going to get a PS4 but can’t get past the no compatibility thing. I’m backwards - I decided to switch from console to PC just for Evolve.



I’m getting a PS4 in August, so everyone add me and any others from the PS4 list :slight_smile:


I loved my PS3 To bits, but I am planning on trading in for something next gen just for Evolve :frowning:
However I’m torn, I cannot decide between PS4 or Xbox1, I think I’m leaning towards PS4 because I want to play “No mans sky” as well (space is kinda my thing), but ultimately being a uni student I have to decide between eating and paying rent or Evolve…

Easy choice if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am! Not solely for Evolve though… I want to get the super sweet white one bundled with Destiny.


I’m buying a new PC. Does that count?


Had Evolve stayed on schedule and released on Oct 21st, then no I would not have bought a next gen console for it. I have a PC and a Steam account and it was my intention to stick with that for the game.

But now that the game is delayed, this actually gives me more time so I am considering it. It would be a PS4 if I did as I’ve always been partial to Sony.


I intend to get a new PC. It won’t just be for Evolve, but Evolve is the first must have game that forces the upgrade.


Welcome to the future :stuck_out_tongue:
PC :heart:


I’ll play it on PC when I’m at the office. But when I’m at home, it’ll be on a console. Haven’t decided which one to get yet.


Playstation 4.


I planed to buy a ps4 for Evolve but now it’s delayed… I thiiink I’ll wait a bit more for the console.

(still, I’d like to pre-order Alien isolation for its DLCs)


I am too. I was planning on waiting until October to try to scrap together the money for an Xbox One, mainly because Evolve, Destiny, and a bunch of other games I wanted came out that month but considering the push back I think I might hold off until the finances are better. I can always play Destiny on my current gen system until something else compels me…


With the way the games have gone this year, I can’t recommend anyone get them when PC will give you far more bang for your buck. Unfortunately with how my furniture is set up I’ve only room for a console, and I far prefer to take something out of the box than arse about upgrading it every few months and whatnot. I wouldn’t get a next-gen console just because of Evolve, but it would be on my “Top [x] reasons to get a next gen console”.


I will mainly be playing it on my PC but I also have an Xbox One with some friends on there so I guess a little bit of both. :slight_smile:


I planned on buying xbox one in 2015, but when i heard about evolve i pre ordered it. But im not canceling the pre order because evolve got delayed.


Getting Ps4 hopefully in September, some ideas for my screen name would be BeastOverlord, GrandOverlord, or something ending with X in it not sure yet, but going to try to base it around this game. My pc nowhere near good enough to handle this kind of game and also planetside 2 and Warframe (warframe great sci-fi, is doing so well for a free to play) especially its graphics.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but as much as I know you can’t cross platform so would you try to spread time evenly so you can have the same stuff unlocked on your xbox one that you already have on pc or are you just getting the xbox one solely just because getting your friends into the one lobby would be quicker? (excluding other games you may have on your xbox)


I was thinking of getting that bundle, but now not sure if I want to, though I was a little interested in the alpha gameplay


it was ordered for watch dogs but when ubisoft announced watch dogs will be postponed, i’d canceled my ps4 pre-order.
now with evolve and the white ps4 did the same. have pre-preordered the white ps4 and evolve but canceled ps4 2 days ago.

ps4 has no games still. using my ps3 and my mac for gaming until evolve is released.