Whoa. What did i miss? [TMM]


Been busy with a bunch of IRL stuff from the baby being born to working on/off between temp jobs without a working card. All while not having a Computer to run evolve or access to the place i normally went to play it (due to car).

Just heard about the F2P model and such.

Peeps wanna TLDR me?

And i will be updating the index once i get the data (in case youre wondering)

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High five new-father-bro

TU9 dropped on PC, along with being F2P. This is the beta period and it seems it’s a bit of a trial run for 2k to decide the future of Evolve. All going well Consoles will get it too. Player numbers have broken the all time peak at over 40k concurrent players.


My condolences.

Anyway, Evolve’s got a currency called Silver Keys. They’re what you buy via microtransactions, but you can also just grind for them. If you owned Evolve already, you get 3,000 Keys when TU09 hits. Keys are used to purchase skins, characters, and perks.


yea i saw the TU09 stuff and the F2P model (which im happy with)

Nice player peak. will have to notify a friend on that.

I will note this. i just spent THREE DAYS getting the damn silver keys in Fable:TLC in order to try and get 100% completion. So its ironic for me that Evolve uses silver keys…

Holy hell.

And i saw that original owners are “founders” which makes me very pleased!


WELL I ALSO just came back and holy shit is this awsome. def the founder thing 2 <3


adaptations for the characters you already own as a founder will be unlocked by default too.

but the main thing is the game is a whole lot more fun to play, the visual effects and sound effects guys have made some amazing improvements alongside the balance changes. I mean everyone has done a great job but the new sounds and vfx really top the whole thing off.


Also would note. nice to see yall guys again!


Hello and congratulations!

Hard to believe but Evolve is better than you remember it. How long til you can join us?


Technically they are just called Keys as in the currency out in the far arm.


Wait until you see how much 3K Keys buys you…


a pair of pants for torvald?

Uh. no clue really. which is really annoying for me. lmao.



A ton of things happened


u missed jesus. she came back and said:

f2p. but only for pc.



nothing XD its still nice 2 have


comming to consoles soon bb :3 wait and c then jesus with reserect the consoles as well




Btw welcome back LoL buddy :smiley: (ps: league thread seems pretty dead after you went busy ._.)
Btw it’s impossible to tldr everything so here is a summ up:

  1. Bob is special now
  2. Evolve hit 40000 people playing (No, trs didn’t punch in the face 40000 people who were playing)
  3. wraith, gorgon op (Not my opinion, just common thought around forums)
  4. Kraken still kraken but less krakenish than before
  5. Tons of minor bugs around evolve… some are just a bit too creepy (go check humanoid slim on the forums…)
  6. Evolve frame drops are normal and will get fixed
  7. Evolve gameplay now is damn awesome
  8. Everything is free
  9. TRS is much more active in the forums, for example MacMan is back!!
  10. The index must be updated, so move your ass and start writing data XD
    Welcome back father buddy :wink:

Edit: ask @TheMountainThatRoars for a custom title like my awesome one ^^ it seems to be an exclusive for us colonists of the forums (members before f2p release)


Great sums btw. good input of jokes (you know how to toss in some jokes there)

Love that @MacMan is hanging out again

Definately on the to-do lsit

Does it make you happy i have the 12 highest mastery in the world as Illaoi (and 4th in NA?) with 446k Mastery (been lvl 7 since may 20th) at the time of posting this.


Oh. That would be great. Probably be something involving the Index or the fact i’m one of the data people around here. lol


You… D:
My top 3 are elise lv7 with 140k, Jhin lv6 with 145k (i’m god damn stuck in mastery 6, i did 28/2 once… s-…), and draven lv5 with 150k followed by leblanc on 40k… want to bring elise up too but… holy crap 446k is damn a lot…