Who would you go gay for?


Seriously. Who would you go gay for? And if you’re gay who would you go straight for?

It can be an actor/actress or video game characters… pick someone!


Its a toss up between Val and Sunny, I love her positive personality, but Val…pure jealousy, why can’t i have that bod ;-:


I have nobody in mind that I could go gay for.
I just can’t stop thinking about Hyde
The fangirl won’t stop D:


For money.


I didn’t know you were a girl, oh well. Personally I’d be into Solaire from Dark souls :blush:


cough prostitute cough


Totally a girl


Well, nobodies paid me yet though


This topic has been reopened. Please keep it civil and clean as best you can so we don’t have to close it :slight_smile: Cheers!


Ok, whoever flagged the first post obviously thinks he is hating on gays or something of the sort, he isn’t.

If i had to pick… i have no idea actually.




Didn’t know this was going to cause a problem. If it does start getting insulting then I completely understand why it would be closed. Sorry for any trouble this caused


Nope, you’re all good. I was more worried about where the discussion could go then what it was. :slight_smile:


Oh, the healing device is recharged- perhaps it is better to wait for death?


Solaire! That sun praising though… :blush:


The worst thing so far was that I was called a prostitute. And the only thing wrong about it is that I cant be called a prostitute till I partake in the exchange of money for sex.


Lol well I kind of love Hyde he’s so funny and I love his charachter but I wouldn’t go gay for him ha


You know you want it


Lets keep it that way.
Steals Hyde away.
I know I want it.


Draw me like one of your Solaires