Who would you cast in an "Evolve movie"?

M Night Shyamalamalan

Exactly what i had in mind

Director picks?

  1. Ridley Scott
  2. James Cameron
  3. Gareth Edwards
  4. Alfonso Cuaron
  5. Nimrod Antal
  6. Michael Bay*

*Depends on Producer Team line-up.

Eddie Murphy as Parnell.


Suddenly, Hank becomes the main character.



See… this is why I have Tom Cruise as Abe… to prevent something like that from happening.

I dunno I always thought of Abe as possibly the last guy to have joined the team… and that would make him a good “Proxy Character” for the audience.

Hank… gotta be a good role for R. Lee Ermey… loud enough to steal the show, great at playing military Southern types (he was Sherriff Hoyt in 2003’s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and Sgt. Hartman in FULL METAL JACKET). He would need to go to the gym, but that’s the norm these days in Hollywood.

And he won’t steal the limelight from Tom Cruise. :stuck_out_tongue:

If Udo Kier is not available I want an option to rewrite Lazarus so that he can be cast using Eddie Murphy. :slight_smile:

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Oh my god, IMAGINE that…I…Just can’t. xD

I mentioned this a few months ago and people wanted to burn me on a stake for it. :frowning: I’m glad at least one person saw what I saw in her. (made a whole thread of them)

Too ez man… but yes that would be bae.

I bloody swear I will set someone on fire if that were to happen.

Abe-Johnny Depp
Parnell-Damion Poitier
Hank-Phil Robertson
Val-Angelina Jolie
Hyde-Tom Hardy
Lazarus-Bryan Cranston
Torvald-Chris Hemsworth
Cabot/Crow-Keanu Reeves
The Jackal-Chris Pratt
Markov-Dave Bautista

Slim/Bucket/EMET will all be cgi (obviously) but with their original voice actor

Ken Watanabe. That was him in the 2014 reboot of Godzilla.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Behemoth


Danny DeVito as… The Trash Man


I don’t understand Johhny Depp as Abe…why not just hire Matt Mercer. He already has the voice and it wouldn’t take much to give him the look.

He’s a voice actor, me might not be a good screen actor. Where’s Johnny Depp seems to be able to be anybody
Jack Sparrow
Willy Wonka
The Mad Hatter
Edward Scissor Hands
All these characters are completely different to one another. Can Matt Mercer do this?

Depp also has experience being a Wild West bounty hunter character in the form of Rango. Yes it was voice acted but he also played out the scenes on a set to get into character

I think you meant Rango, but I get what you mean.

I still don’t see it, Depp is a good actor…I would say was but I haven’t seen a lot of his newer films to give an honest appraisal. I just can’t see him pulling off Abe in a believable sense.

I would love to see Tom Hardy as Markov. I think that would be believable.

For Abe, maybe Chris Pine.

I would totally cast Matt Colville for some ridiculous cameo. It would involve him smoking a pipe.


The grizzled old hermit who refuses to give up his home to the Monsters, but has some information that may be helpful to the hunters…