Who would Win?


It was for the sake of science, of discovery! We needed this knowledge to win the war against the Monsters! D:
Kala deserved a peaceful life, somewhere in the Far Arm living happily with beautiful and wholesome half-kraken babies.


He’s too manly to lose.

Oh mamma… You’re like the second coming of @Azmi_Anuar aren’t you? :joy:


Maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: I love every single Hunter and they all deserve the best possible.
Kala and Cabot the most though. Gosh, I get sad just thinking about it :p.


Do you support the OTP that is Hyde and Caira though?


mastercheif is a an alterd human he can esaly rip someones head off


Is it okay to discuss it? I’m aware the forums have a rule against shipping, hah.
I’m not much of a shipper myself, but I support everything as long as it proves healthy for both characters :p.


Oh god… you’re right.
I have a better idea.

Heeeyyyyy, could you draw Hyde and Caira? :*


i am talking about the master cheif (jhon-117)


well my point is that many of the “recruits” as in reach all can easily attain that, making it just a rank again and not a nameless individual.


That I can do! :p.

And perhaps somewhere else since this may be getting a bit off-topic with the thread, hah.


I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.






i’m enjoying this thread… much more than i thought i would XD


Who would win, @Seedsy or @GrizzleMarine?


As clearly demonstrated on his Youtube Channel, @GrizzleMarine cant swim.

But i’m deathly afraid of open water (fear of vicious fish, like barracuda’s, sharks and alike)…

So tie?


So, @deanimate then?


@deanimate always loses… Just throw a kitten into the mix, and he’s powerless.


I know I said Asgore would win before, but I changed my mind after some thought. For a quick rundown, humans are supremely powerful in Undertale (an entire kid could take down the population). So Chief, trying to win, would win. Case closed.


Wait why is swimming involved in this xD I’ll also have you know I was a county swimmer
in my early teens young man! That video was for major banter I need that GIF I lost it :frowning: