Who would Win?


who would win asgore or master chief from halo?

Undertale Discussion (Spoiler Warning)

Feel free to share other WWW scenarios!


Asgore. Mastershief is a rank easily attained by many.


Who would win?

A political post on the TRS forums or one silly moderator?




Never heard of either of them


I win…I always win


Asgore, even though I would prefer Chief to win.


Who is this Asgore? Because Chief has survived like a hundred world ending situations and at least two actual ending worlds (I never finished Halo 4).


Undertale (yeah I had to google it).

I’d prefer DOOMGuy/Slayer vs Master Chief…


They each have their strengths. While I think Doom Guy is less scrupulous, Chief would probably be an even match.




Who would win ?
Behemoth vs Gorilla


I’d say the lions. I mean, the way that guy talks about it, it seems pretty reasonable TBH.


Reminds me of this


Who would win? Hyde or Kala turned monster?
Heheh… We all know the answer. :wink:


Aw man now I’m sad.
Kala didn’t deserve anything of what happened to her D:


She brought it on herself! She deserved all of it


He wins in the lore, doesn’t he…? Eh.

I still want more information… I mean, Hyde is a beast but it’s still hard to believe he defeated her all on his own. Maybe his Mutants helped… I don’t know.

I’d say Kali wins if Hyde’s facing her alone. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: