Who would be the Val and the Laz of the support cloaks?


If support had different types of cloak, what would they be like?

Long cooldown with longer up time, because Hank is great at defending his team so he doesn’t need to cloak them as long.

Fastest cooldown with double range. But it lasts 30% shorter than vanilla cloak.

I’m not sure how Cabot should be like, maybe like Laz? Short cooldown but lasts shorter(so he doesn’t plasma cloak ghost) maybe vanilla but just unbreakable…

Sunny is perfect, shoupd stay vanilla.


Id say thats about right but giving hank a longer cloak? I mean he is great at defense but imagine him running around for like 45 secs cloaked… a bit on the better side than the other…

I say Hank’s is Vanilla
Bucket’s short and faster reload
Cabot’s Long and shorter reload
Sunny’s could be Vanilla aswell cause I got nothing on her…


Can i just get my ice cream all ready?! lol


Bucket can be peppermint chip.


No… you must suffer for being too arrogant…


Vanilla typically means original, or early concept.

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Thanks shin.

really i must suffa hmph


hank: shellfish.
it only cloaks himself. he gets to shield the others they dont need cloaks lol. but this one doesnt leave footprints. standard time.

bucket: cloaks the entire team in a 60 meter radius. shorter. with a shorter cd. any NON attacking deploy will KEEP hunters invisible. IE: bucket turrets, markov mines, maggie traps, and yes laz device. this will force monsters to know they need to body camp even harder until buckets cloak is off cd.

cabot: vanilla. but let his beam not reveal him. ninja amps are cool bro.

sunny: same as now.


Body camping doesn’t need to be harder than it already is for the melee monsters.


buckets cloak duration is shorter. so its only for a little bit. it doesnt hide footprints or jetpack so laz can still be seen heading to the body. but laz device could reveal still and it would still be stronger than it is now. it would mean maggie markov and bucket would be invisible while actively planting their traps.


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