Who won in the video?


After watching the video, I think the hunters won this match. Markov hadn’t been taking a lot of damage in the very end and I don’t remember the last time he used his shield but I thought the cooldown would’ve been finished. Markov had several mines placed around him when the goliath jumped at him. I think he pulled up his shield and avoided the last hit and the mines killed the Goliath. I want to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions on how this match ended :smile:

Monster Vs Lone hunter?

If the health bar at the bottom for Goliath was accurate, then hunters for sure


Nobody! The both died at the same time!

Probably. . .

Hmmmmm, that makes me wonder what would happen if both the Monster and Hunter’s died at the same time?


The odds of something like that would be astronomical, given the amount of damage needed to kill the goliath


Hey hey hey, it could happen!

I mean in the video, they both had at least a little amount of health left each. And it does appear that there are multiple ways to damage the Monster even when incapacitated or near death!


It’d probably be a draw…as unlikely as it may be, that’s probably what would have to happen :smile:


They do have pistols while down but I feel that the hunters lose if they all go down, that’s usually what happens in these games


Then the fabrics of reality would invert sideways and collide with hell! :space_invader:


i dont thinke it was a draw becuse i saw new gameplay and aperently as soon as the hunters or the monster dies the match ends instantly so the hunters win or monster


I agree, I don’t see them letting matches end in ties. Someone has to win


I imagine the hunters won. But since a lot of people will be viewing the gameplay for the first time, it’s important they give off the impression that either side has an equal chance of winning. I think that’s why Goliath only went to stage 2, since at that point it’s a 50/50 chance of winning


Agreed, makes for a suspenseful ending being unsure of who won. Got one of my friends hyped for it when I made him watch the footage