Who will claim the title of "First to Elite Electro Griffin?"


Who shall claim the title?


Not us console peasants! cries internally and externally


im so god damn salty.


I just realised, the daily rewards will they change when August comes??? i’m now on day 9 of the rewards i started on the day evolve became f2p.

i’ve no chance to get the electro griffin???


If u are now at day 9 u will get him in 16 days


Yeah! I get him for free for being a founder! Just hope he’s better than Original Griffin because I love spamming harpoons at the monster, they get so pissed when they can’t do anything!


I’m kind of confused cause i live in south east asia which is a different time zone from TRS… the daily rewards say i can get him on day 25. i just made a count day 25 will be in 1st Aug… in my time zone GMT +8.


Ok I read a bit more About the daily reward System and it looks like und can not unlock him through this System in the Rotation anymore
Edit: sry for the cobfusion


that’s unfortunate but ya, just hope he’s not too much fun for me to miss out! hahahaha


Depends on when he drops!


Let’s say he drops on Thursday


No you can still unlock him and I will get him for free xD


i think he could cost 8000 keys like WM @_@

Except for Hyde, i spent the keys on last rotation list of hunters. now im piss poor


He’ll be 8000


Will he have full body skins like Renegabe


Yes! I don’t remember off the top of my head if any come out at the same time as him though.


YAY! There should be a green and red skin for Renegabe :wink: please