Who watched the ESL for PC yesterday?


What was your favorite moment? Who were you rooting for and why? My favorite team that’s isn’t mine would have to be SALGE. There were quite a few new teams too which was exciting.


I did. There was a very intense game that came down to the last bit of health on both sides. :open_mouth: It could’ve gone either way.

I was rooting for SALGE because I wanted to see some upset in the seedings, and they’re trying me out for their monster role. :wink:


Not really, was with the gf the whole day. Did you guys sweep it or was it close? I saw that really only two or three bigger teams competed.


nope. my favorite moment was when wibaki was banned for 28000 seconds hahahahahahaha

that twich chat was hilarious that day.

Nightmare’s shit talking lolol


That was a 1st of me.Usually i get 2 or 3 600 timeouts.But this one was the first.

I was expecting an achievement to pop-up right-below.Oh well :slight_smile:


Had I known about it I would have watched.


There’s one every Sunday. Now you know :wink:


Good to know.


Every Sunday there is Black_Aegis stream shoutcasting the ESL PC cup.This week tho there will be 2.One in Saturday and One in Sunday.

Every Sunday we play and depending on the position you end you get points.The 8 teams with the most points will play for the Monthly finals which is Saturday.So this week 2 tournaments :slight_smile:


I’ve actually got a question about ESL if it isn’t too off topic. How well does it work out for US based players when playing against European players? I watched a tournament stream some time back (I do not know if it was ESL) where the guy was a US based monster playing a European hunter team and he couldn’t land a single ability due to the latency.

I’m just wondering how fair the matches are and how good the netcode is for the game when dealing with higher latency situations.


There is a rule now that monster always hosts as long as the Ping is acceptable.If the monster tho is from East Coast we allow the shoutcaster(black_aegis) to host since he is from West Coast.So we play in middle-ground with 3 ping bars which is pretty fine in my opinion