Who Wants a Rainbow Six: Siege Code?


Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Because I am a subscriber to Harley Morenstein’s (AKA the Sauce Boss) Twitch channel, he has kindly given me at least four codes for Rainbow Six: Siege!

BUT being that I’m not much of a PC player and I’m pretty sure my laptop won’t be able to run the game, I’ve decided to give away the codes to you guys!

Yes seeing as how I love you all and you’re my favourite community in the whole wide world, then one of you lucky forum members will get a code!

All you have to do is PM me and kindly ask for a code! It’s first come, first served so get it while it’s hot!

Remember, I have four of them to give away. I’ll lock the thread once all of them have been given out.

Good luck, and have a nice day! :+1:


Aaaaaand the codes are gone, people!

Lucky users are @MaddCow, @MidnightRoses, @Out2kill and @Quirkly!

Thank you all for chiming in!

And hey, if I get a few more codes from the Sauce Boss himself, then I may post them here again! :wink: