Who voices Lennox, it sure sounds a lot like Jane Lynch

Topic says it all, who voices Lennox?

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I think @Matthew knows that :smile:

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Honestly she sounds exactly like Val to me


It’s so hard to tell

Lennox is voiced by Mary Chris Wall.


Sweet. Thanks. Good choice. Lots of dry wit in the dialogue

I like her.
But I need more dropship convos! (by that, I mean I need to hear all of them)

“Okay, I’m taking over. First order, everyone stop being stupid!”

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I was really hoping for more sweet granny voice and talking about baking cookies.

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I laughed so hard at this. Sounds like something I would say lol

Val is voiced by Courtney Taylor. Who also does “Jack” in the mass effect games. She’s awesome.

Courtenay also will say, “I will DESTROY YOU!” If you ask her to.

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One of my favorite characters. “Jack” was so nuts.

When she was first announced I was half expecting Lennox to be the “Get off my lawn!” kind of old person.