Who thinks matchmaking needs to be changed!

Who thinks matchmaking needs to be changed from just your plain level to skill!

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The developers are planning a ranked mode.

Ranked mode what do you mean like you play and get like a ranking like bronze, silver, gold, Etc. And you play with others in that rank?

It will probably be similar to the Elo ranking found in Starcraft, and possibly other games.

You’ll have a behind the scenes formula that ranks you, and places you into tiers, like you mention. And while you may not play against only those in your rank, your success and failures will be weighted based on who you win or lose to.

If you’re Gold and you lose against a Bronze, you will drop a lot. If you’re Platinum and you stomp a Bronze, you won’t gain a thing/

level doesn’t even work sometimes, I been in several games (when i can actually find one) with levels 1-5 and im level 38. matchmaking just needs to be better in general.

But they should play you against people way above your rank bronze should be playing gold or platinum only silvers and other bronzes

It depends on the population. If there are tens of thousands of silvers, you’ll likely play against silvers. But it will put you into any game before it makes you wait 15 minutes to find a perfect match. That is why wins and losses are weighted.

And as a beginner in the rankings system, you’d want to play against some high levels quickly, to better be placed into an accurate tier.

I’ve only see Hearthstone a couple of times, but I think they have a ranking system that blows.

Me, me, me and once again me !!!
I sign with both hands under this statement. And - honestly - I am about to stop playing Evolve (though still loving it) due to frustration with current Matchmaking system. There are two hot issues with it:

  1. It matches players based on meaningless account level, which correlates to time spent in-game only, not at all to skill.
  2. To make it even worse - that account level is shared for Monster and Hunter play, while gameplay, skills, tactics, everything is different. Learning monster play you do not develop your hunter skills, and vice-versa.

In my case it adds big personal challenge to this unfortunate matchmaking system: I love the monster role. I love it, but … it is very hard for me.

I have not played alpha nor beta, so when this game went public I started to learn from zero. Before I managed to catch essentials of monster play I was quickly level 15-17. Around this time it was virtually the only moment when I had some satisfaction from my play as monster. Hunter teams were still relatively inexperienced (like me). I managed to score a number of wins and the matches were fairly even.

Not long after though my level went up to 30+. And here I started to be more and more frustrated … apparently my monster skills are not increasing equally fast as other players (hunters). For most recent 30…40 matches against players lvl 30-40 I managed to win perhaps 2…3 times.

So… well… I have nothing against losing, but to have fun I expect to have some reasonable chance for fair fight. The point is: why not match players according to their actual play level ? Take not just meaningless level, but other factors. WLR, wins/death ratio… or should I simply say: can you implement effective rank system please !

You win - your rank goes up. You lose - it goes down. Etc. There are ways to design it, no big deal. And huge difference on gameplay.

They just need to fix swapping classes between players.

We wouldn’t need to spend so much time searching for matches if we could just get players to remain in lobbies.

Well, for me it is not just this. And - as I understood - the point of this thread was not about ineffective match/player searching (though I agree, that MANY elements of matchmaking require improvement).
Anyway - in my opinion - the essentials are not properly implemented. This is not CoD or other typical shooter, where you just run around and score as many frags as you can (and most often it matters little which team actually wins). Evolve desperatly needs reliable (real) skill-based matchmaking system.

Agreed some idiot could play 1000 games and still suck