Who the hell scripted the Bot AI?


I m not new to evolve, beein playn on console since couple of months. I decided to give a try to the new update. Actually i think i m doin pretty well, except when i ve got to face a monster driven from the AI. I mean, who had the idea to give em an ESL skill lvl ? Always land all the abilities, focusing medic as first of course… On the otherside the hunter AI is noway ad near to that. On the other hand i ve got to say that i love the new update, well done. PS nerf the wraith :stuck_out_tongue: Peace


well, believe it or not, the bots actually SUCKED before Stage 2. They buffed it though


Believe it or not but i just fought a meteor goliath ai where at a certain point he got “mentally stuck” and was walking the rest of the match backwards without fighting or fleeing


Yup, this has been logged. :meteor_goliath:


FYI, a perfect playing AI isn’t as hard to code as one that is convincing (feels fair and “human” when fought against).


Monsters are fine, but the hunters. Seams like they are designed to stay 170 units away.


My buddies and myself always joke when the monster player disconnect and it’s a bot because we’re about to earn some free keys :anguished:


Believe it or not, Monsters are Dumb now! WHAT!!!

Source: Bob #1 Supporter, who is that :stuck_out_tongue: