Who the heck am I?


Srsly i joined a game and then…wtf ??? Jim is next to me (assult) but i have the shild. Also a minigun and a shotgun Anyone with the same “bug” ?^^


ebonstar soldier
known bug


Edited your title and topic. This falls more under bugs, and I would like to ask that you don’t swear in your titles. Thanks.


I had this bug occur to me when I connected to a game, I was supposed to be Support Class, but when I loaded in, my camera was following the Ebonstar soldier around, and I had the same abilities you did when I started playing. The team informed me that Cabot had died, and we all shared a moment of confusion and hilarity at the situation “2 Assults are better then 1” A side effect, Cabot was still on the dropship, and every time the timer would run out, it would just restart immediately, so we were also getting really quick respawns if we died at the right moment.