Who switched from console to PC after the update as well?


It would really interest me who as well switched from console completely over to PC after the new Update (Evolve Stage 2)?


I know @chrono hopped onto PC for now from console


As TW said, it’s only for now, but I’m on PC. Having a blast. PC players are a lot more outgoing. I knew no one but I practically always have a premade.


@Torvald_Stavig and @The_Specialist too


For now of course.


You don’t know how much I wished I could’ve done that, but my laptop is too weak for Evolve T_T


Have you tried it? Maybe now it could, since they lowered the requirements…


I can I guess, but I really doubt it, let’s see. :open_mouth:


What? I’ve always been on PC :?


I want to but my computer currently has a virus and I suck playing games on computers anyway so I’m stuck here praying it comes out for console asap :sob::pray:


I thought you were PS4?


My Uncle Mike moved to our house due to life problems and he brought his PS4 with him :stuck_out_tongue:


ordered my new pc yesterday hoping to play by the end of the week


I mean I tried it but I most likely will stay on console besides my pc


I did it temporarily