Who should I do (adb Ps) next Caira, Sunny or Maggie?

Caira. Do Caira, please. Ruin that annoying little fool.

The tears of Caira mains will be glorious.

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Take her down a notch -.-


Ooh, or Sunny. Had enough of Hunters boosting up to me…Why not make a poll?

Make it for me…

As you wish, my lord.

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Tag me in it in the comments ^.^

if your gonna do it to maggie you got to do it to daisy as well. can’t do it to one but not the other.

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I agree with you on this one.

Yup. I’m tired of hearing “Val is useless!” and “Don’t take Val!” and “Val is for plebs!”

Go shove your stupid Caira into a volcano you scrubs.

Is it a smell of burned flesh?

Yass. Burned flesh and salty tears.

Aahh man. :smiley: I play them both, and where is your god now?

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I would literally have a panic attack if that was next to me…

I would rescue you. ^.^

SALGE. :markov_cute:

but she is tho! :stuck_out_tongue: jokes! jokes! i love val! i love pumping those monsters full of tranqs. so good haha