Who set traps for hunters at stage 2 and how?


I am curious is anyone at stage 2 using the landscape to their advantage and baiting hunters into a trap? At stage 3 the hunters for the most part run to the relay so from my perspective stage 2 is really the only time when a monster can set up in a geographic location that is to their advantage and wait for the hunters.
What do you do to set your traps hide in a bush, double back, trap them in a cave? Please let me know what are some methods that you use to lure hunters to their doom?
I have circled back around rock formations to pounce from behind with some success and have tried hiding in bushes with not much success (good old Daisy). I am interested in trying to be more aggressive at stage 2 which I am starting to think is the key to the monster’s success.


Scare birds - run so they can see you - get the trapper to chase you into cave\behind rock\on the highground - kill the stupid idiot if he goes alone to you. Or scare birds - run - hide in them bushes along the route you were following - see if anyone gets too far of the pack - punish. Or try to hide in a bush and jump out of it then someone is near you, like in 10-15 meters. They will most likely chase you, use that to your advantage if it’s trapper or medic.

EDIT. I bought Behemoth just a few days ago and he’s so far the best monster for such things. He’s big as fuck so you will need to improvise the hiding part but then at stage two you will be able to kill anyone if the plan sucseeded, then just rockwall yourself up and eat the corpse. He’s by far the most interesting monster for me so far, but extremely hard to play right. He won’t let me do any mistakes and will punish me if I do something wrong, so out of 8 matches i got only 2 wins, though even then I lost the situation was tence and I managed to get some strikes on them.


Pretty much what @SkinnY said, but I like to have a dangerous wildlife nearby as they either take lots of damage by ignoring the wildlife or they ignore me to kill the wildlife. Nomads are my favourite. :stuck_out_tongue:


It depends on the hunters comp, but in general I will go loud toward an area, and while in that area go stealth. I’ll attempt to go toward areas with heavy splits (crowbill canyon), and exploit this time when the team is separated.


For Goliath, I prefer areas with lots of high ledges and drops, stupid hunters love wasting jetpack getting up and down only to be greeted with a rock to the face or leap smash.

Kraken’s a Kraken so you want nice long expansive areas to get a clear view of the little insects and buggers.


I like to kill a lot of wildlife at a good ambush site, then get domed elsewhere. You’ll be on low armor. They’ll chase. Eat food. Get armor. Fight. Win.


on which map is this magical place of happiness? Fusion plant?


You’re forgetting stage 1. I always lead hunters into caves and in fact the last game as Behemoth (3 points lava bomb) I went straight on in and got 5 strikes, kept all my health. Stage 1 is the best time for a trap because the hunters think they’ve got the advantage and chase you down as quick as they can. Stage 2, they tend to be a little more cautious.


Fusion Plant


I set up an unintentional trap once as wraith. I want playing too stealthy, but had just evolved to 2, so I didn’t have armor and I see Hyde and bucket showing up. I skirt around a rock and hide in a bush. They run off and I wait for a second… when Griffin shows up. He’s coming right at me and I’m thinking “oh he’s seen me for sure”. I sniff around and see that Hyde and bucket are nowhere near so I go fit the pounce. It completely ruined the match for them. They started chasing me down, but we’re so disorganized after that that they couldn’t come back. Wraith wins again!


Fusion Plant. And happiness? No. :stuck_out_tongue: There are a tonne of Mammoth Birds and a Sloth and you either have to split up (hunters) or get cornered and boxed in (monster) if you go there. Not a fun place. :wink:


Nomads hurt quite a bit in a fight… Nonstop kicking/chasing. Much worse than a dune beetle in the right position.


No. Nothing is worse than a Dune Beetle. They hit harder, they’re faster, they’re relentless- NEVER give up, cross the map to get you- and they’re scary to boot. :confused:


I prefer a dune beetle over a nomad in some domes. Out of domes, nomads aren’t bad at all. Dune beetles are the pain.


Dune Beetles also glitch up and down cliffs/ledges all the time.

Just when you think you’re safe…


Yeah, I’ve seen that in my games. Gets annoying…


It’s worse when wildlife team up. I had a game on weather control where my whole team got killed apart from me by blitzleopards and an armadon. Someone would get pounced by a blitzleopard and the armadon just kicked them to death. Then the same thing happened to the next teammate as he went in for the revive, same with the next teammate.
That’s pub games I suppose. :smile:


Ive seen the support get pounced by 3 blitzers while he was the last alive and trying to run i just sat beside him till he died from multiple pounces


The worst part is knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it.
It is sort of entertaining when it happens though.


I have never tried pouring all my points into one skill do you do this with other monsters and if so what skills would you recommend?