Who really suffered from Evovle being delayed?


Gamer’s didn’t really suffer from Evolve being delayed. It being delayed will make it a better more polished game and I am proud of TRS and 2K for delaying so it will be a better game. The Devs get more time to make this an even greater game. The only people that were negatively affected were their Shareholders but it isn’t gonna hurt them really either they have GTA V, Borderlands and NBA there are probably more just what I could come up with in my head. When I received the news a little part of me died inside but I was happy that the game was gonna be polished so that is awesome. :smile:

Good work 2K and TRS can’t wait for the third monster and 3 set of hunter’s to be released because they are gonna be awesome just like the other monster’s and hunter’s :smile:


No One…

its a win-win


I mean, it’s kind of obvious that the reason are upset about delays is because they can’t play it sooner. Sure, the game isn’t finished so it’s better that it does get finished, but it’s still not unreasonably to be upset about that. Getting mad about it is silly though.


Seriously agreed.

Software delays are not even close to this “evil” others try to make it out to be. It’s virtually always a better decision for the customer, no matter the excuse for bitching.


It means more time to play GTA V so I’m fine with that. Definitely worth the wait.


After seeing pictures of the no-shave-till-launch contract I can confidently say that some of the devs at TRS are the ones who suffered. And are suffering.


Suffered …no. disappointed yes. I canceled my pre order. I will wait till after release to make sure the delay was enough time to correct what ever they are dealing with. If there was a public beta for xb1 before release I might reorder. To me delays like this kill the whole notion of preordering. There’s no guarantee when it will release.


I’m with you on the disappointment and I too am going to wait after release unless there’s considerably more info on the development on the game. A beta for all consoles and PC would be grand as opposed to a weekend “alpha” provided the servers were stable enough. The community seems more capable than most to give feedback that matters and grant a new perspective to the developer’s design. I don’t demand or expect one as compensation for the delays, but it would tide me over until my next game purchase.