Who or What destroyed Torvald's ship "AJAX"?


So ive come to this question WHO or WHAT destroyed his ship? After we killed behemoth he said “Dead. But this is not the one that destroyed AJAX. That one still lives”. On the other hand while facing a goliath,when we are on the dropship, Slim and Torvi having a convo saying “Whoa,you actualy caught one of those things before the outbreak ?” he responded “Yes, but it got loose and tore the ship apart”. I dont know if they refering to Goliath but Who knows,right? The devs,ofcourse. No $#!t,sherlock Maybe its the 5th monster for who knows when it will drop or may its another monster for who knows it will drop…or maybe…just maybe…its a…Mammoth bird insert a mammoth bird’s inocent face here.
So what do you think guys ? Do you think its the up coming monster or is it in the roster. Tell me if you know who did it to him,i would be happy to know :smile:


Well, if this is the case, I can’t say I’m surprised.


The mammoth bird alpha


Mammoth bird queen!!!


I would be surprised too if its the one that did that to torvis body


Well hector killed ajax but that’s another story :smirk:


in the app it says that wraiths can teleport from ground into or onto ships in order to destroy them. maybe it came to rescue its captured friend? idk


im curious about why they called it “AJAX”. that a web development term for “asynchronous javascript and xml”


Hmmmm…tell me more. Im curious


Mythological Greek hero from the battle of Troy I believe :smile:


It would be fun if they make a mammoth bird trilogy. Like the mammoth birds is like xeno


Lol its the movie Troy, not the historical account. Still awesome movie none the less ^.^


Never heard of it


It was really popular in 2004


I bet it was Val that ate Torvolds lower half and tore that ship apart that succubus


Its the Alpha Mammoth BURD !


None of the current Monsters. Torvald keeps saying, upon monster defeat, you are not the one who destroyed the Ajax!! I’m thinking 5th monster, or something in the future.


Thats what slim said to torvald while we are facing a Goli. I think its goli but i also think its some other monster


I think that during the conversation he means “One of these things” meaning a Monster in general, not a specific monster.


I doubt they will ever make the monster that attacked Torvald part of the game, if they did and he killed it that would rob him of his Captain Ahab chasing the white whale character design. This monster will always be a mystery and Torvald will always follow his obsession and chase the great white monster.