Who of you preordered and what version?


Hello community,

since i am waiting for evolve to finally be released i would like to know who of you guys and girls has preordered the game and what version did you preorder?
To the others who didnt preordered but plans to buy the game after release?

I have preordered the 80 euro Monster Race version on steam: Why? Cause i see me playing evolve for a long time and it has 18 Hunters 5 monsters a lot of skinns and left for dead.
While for me the skins arent relevant since i have to play on low and 800x600 i still love that i get son many hunters and even better the 5th monster as well =)

Have a nice day,



I still have yet to preorder, I don’t know which preorder bonus I want yet, the instant hunter one will probably be it though.




I also took PCMonsterRace.Keep in mind i have never pre-ordered before nor bought any DLC’s whatsoever.But since i like the game so much i said to spend all the money in the best bundle right now and lay low for the next DLC’s to come.


Pre-ordered the normal version before any of the other versions were available.

I ordered at GreenManGaming and I first need to pay the full amount for a new pre-order after which I can get a refund for the original pre-order. No info if this will be cash or GMG credit.
AKA: I’m not going to upgrade because GMG is not clear about how exactly this works. It’s not worth the effort IMO.


I’m going to preorder PC Monster Race when i come back from my holiday.
Why? I love this game so much and I think its worth it :kissing_heart:


:monster: PC Monster Race! :monster:


Did a regular pre-order the day it was available in my region. When the PCMonsterRaceEdition was revealed I instantly cancelled my earlier pre-order and switched to it :slight_smile:


PC Maste… Monster Race!


Amazon Pre-order. (Xbox1)

I’m happy to unlock things myself and will buy dlc as and when I fancy it. more likely to be Hunters than Monsters.


PC Monster Race for me, cuz I’m addicted.


PC monster race, cuz 2k+ hours in L4D1, i trust TRS.


PS4 hard copy. With the hunting season pass. Was hoping for a special edition hard copy of the game but no luck.


Would’ve gone for th PCMonsterRace but… I forgot how to have money.


If only it wasn’t also my case, haha!


We will be poor… Together.


I went for the gamestop preorder of PC Monster Race. It is the best content-to-money ratio.


I’m going the Xbox One route and MS is offering $15 back into your account for purchasing through them. I see no reason to buy the digital deluxe and save $5 when I could save $10 later on! :smile:


I would have gone for the PC Monster Race, but alas, I have to get a decent PC first since my current gaming laptop just destroyed itself in front of me. :sob:


Does one of you know where i can find the ps4 versions of those special editions, so far i only found the normal one