Who managed to master new characters?


So… managed to elite Crow in 6 or so hours of play. Not really that hard, was a lot of fun actually. I really like him, I’ll probably play him a lot along with Maggie.

What about you guys? Has anyone elited their favorite class character? What about Behemot, anyone saw elite Behemot?




He just said he was crow, thats not a monster. Go home @Rapterror, you’re drunk


Hey, I am a hunter, not a monster.


Psh, I wish. >.>


Fixed that for you :wink:


Illuminati bastard.

lol jk jk tucker i still heart yu


Do you play on PC? I just recently played with an elite crow.


Can you post some pictures of Crow’s Elite Skin? I can’t find any, anywhere… Thanks in advance!


PC, but you didn’t see me, only showed off my skin to my friends in premade.

[quote=“TheMysteriousMrQuin, post:9, topic:49804, full:true”]
Can you post some pictures of Crow’s Elite Skin? I can’t find any, anywhere… Thanks in advance!
[/quote]I’ll make some screenshots.


Not hunter or a monster…but


YEAAAAA !!!(gotta love that reference)


I’ll let you know when I actually get to use the new characters.


Well technically i am Illuminati and am in fact a bastard, so you were politically correct :stuck_out_tongue:


For some reason this is the only screenshot I could take. Each screenshot after this one was completely black once I paste it to paint… Not sure what’s up with that. Anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Pictures of tier 4 elite hunters & Behemoth?

I am almost there mastering Behemoth, I’ve been working on it for about 2 hours


Awesome, thank-you so much!


I wish I could post the screenshot of ingame Gobi. He looks pretty cool colored in blue.


Pics Plz. 10 Char.


I’m trying to master slim, but the second spore cloud launcher has me stumped. You’re support to have the monster sit in its radius for 20 seconds, but good luck getting a monster to sit still in such a small area.


Ang that’s why friends were born XD I just grind with a friend for the Impossible ones XD