Who loves defense mode?


Loving this mode so far because of the constant action. As a new player, I feel it is a great way to learn characters and their abilities.


I like winning every time with Kraken on that mode. :sunglasses:


I like all the modes to be honest, but yea, Defend has the most action of all of them.


I dont like defend, as a hunter it’s ok, not great fun but i dont mind but as the monster… it’s awful. Let me explain.
Basically you play kraken or you lose and I don’t like that. With Kraken it’s quite easy to win, just keep your distance and you’ll be fine. As Wraith… well… do I need to explain ? :smiley: As Goliath though I think it’s a bit more balanced but there’s something that bothers me a lot and I think it’s a design flaw, it’s about the last generator : thing is wildlife is WAY too close to it. You can NEVER get away and eat to regain armor without hunters in line of sight so basically your choice is go back to the start of the map (what ? there’s a timer in this mode ? ) or don’t eat… and die :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I think the last area in defend should be a bit wider, like the first 2 areas they’re perfect, there’s wildlife, rocks to break sight but hunters can still chase you… last area is just impossible to eat into and it’s really annoying to play this mode right now as goliath (unless you’re facing a horrible hunter team :stuck_out_tongue: )…
So that’s it, I dont think it’d need much change to be better balanced but a little work might just do it :smile: