Who Like Minecraft?



This thread is for all Minecraft lovers


(I enjoy minecraft sometimes :3)




A bit non sequitor, but I’ll bite.

I enjoy minecraft, though I tend to prefer playing with mods. The FTB (Feed The Beast) modpacks are pretty fun, and add a LOT to the game.


If you like minecraft, a forum member made skins for the monsters and hunters here


Play modded MC on the PC like pixelmon and various modpacks

I also play XBMC with friends



Can you Minecraft people MAKE SHEAR!!?!
Thanks =)


I have a complicated opinion on Minecraft. I enjoy world building and generally faffing about with friends via splitscreen in a chill environment, and at the moment Minecraft is really the only game that offers that sort of experience (if only GTA could be splitscreen…)
However, it is INCREDIBLY grindy, has no challenge whatsoever, and is jam-packed with bugs (you think evolve is buggy?? try playing a game that regularly crashes every 30-40 minutes). It’s especially frustrating as some very basic fixes would make it so much more enjoyable, such as:
-Making combat even slightly more deeper then a puddle.
-Spending less time on pointless/racist skin packs and more time on more varied mobs.
-ramp up the difficulty by giving mobs actual a.i,


Yes. We can. Nothing is impossible in Minecraft.


Minecraft is for kids period.

Anyone above 20yrs that plays minecraft seriously needs a hard look at them self

Sorry i’m in a judgemental mood, forgive me hehe


I really want someone to Build Shear…I have Xbone and I don’t own MC, but if I did…Shear would be the first thing.
But the game doesn’t seem like it suits me…I just always wanted to see someone recreat Factor, ect.


Why, exactly? It scratches that natural urge to create, which is something that affects all ages. There isn’t any story or other aspect that suggests it should cater specifically to children. If anything I’d argue that if you’re over 20 and still taking Call of Duty seriously then you have bigger problems; that series is blatantly manipulative and specifically caters to a 14 year old’s wet-dream of being a badass; if you’re still taking that seriously than you’ve got much more growing up to do than the minecraft people.


I don’t play cod that much,mainly zombies but i get your point,it’s just when i watch my sister play i think it look’s so bad graphical and gameplay wise i don’t know why people would play it,maybe kids who don’t know any better lol

As much as cod is going down hill it has great graphics and gameplay admittely with kids screaming all the time.


Bah, honestly graphics are the least important part of a videogame. As long as it has enjoyable gameplay, I could care less what it looks like.

And I would agree with you; the gameplay could use a LOT of work. They need to make it a whole lot less grindy and vary up the mob’s a.i. to add some challenge. But on the whole, it’s really the only game that fits the “chill out on the couch with your buddies with a non-stress game”
You can only kill so many zombies before you want to just chill.


Yes zombies on A.W is bad so after 1 game i’m done with it for a long while.I know graphics are not everythink but on minecraft they look like somethink from like idk 1980’s lol so bad.

I guess this is a stupid discussion because everyone likes what they like i was being judgemental.


This whole part is just “wat” to me

what are you talking about?


Are you playing on Xbox? I can’t speak for PC, but they literally have hundreds of skin packs on the Xbox, many of which are laughably/seriously insensitive (Vagrant, WWII German Soldiers… French Imperialist Soldier right next to African Villager? REALLY??)- It’s both bad from a “that’s just wrong” perspective and a "why are they wasting time making Doctor Who skins when they could work on, I don’t know, have more than SIX types of hostile mobs in the overworld?


With regards to the rest I’d assume it’s pretty self explanatory; creating a mob with a 2.5 percent drop rate (wither skeleton), then requiring three of that drop in order to fight a boss isn’t difficult, it’s just tons and tons of mindless grinding. It’s just a trick to artificially inflate the amount of time your game requires, making it ‘feel’ hard when there really isn’t any challenge whatsoever.


I haven’t touched it since, like, half a year ago.

But yeah, I liek Minecraf.


fine make a movincar in minecraft and post a pic or don’t Im not the boss of you (yet) :smiling_imp: