Who is your top choice as assault?


For me, it has to be Torvald. In my opinion he is head and shoulders above everyone in his class. Honestly, is there any reason (other than cosmetic, or you haven’t bought him) to choose anyone else? His damage output is just terrifying.

Second choice would have to be Hyde, but only if I’m feeling nostalgic or in the mood to burn something. As for the other two, I would have to say Parnell edges out Markov only slightly.

I’m interested in hearing your 2 cents, which assault is most loved (or hated haha)?




Hyde 4 dayz, his Flamethrower+Poison+Minigun alongside my damage amp is f*cking crazy, not to mention his personality, my favorite ever ^.^


Parnell. He still has the highest damage output of all the assaults. Plus, you can get head shots with his main weapon, which is still the best close range assault weapon.

That being said, I haven’t bought Torvald; I hotswapped to him once, and had a lot of fun, but everything but the mortars seems kind of lacklustre.


I absolutely love his grenade :smile:


I agree, I definitely have a lot of love for Hyde. Based on style alone he is the top of the my list. But if I want to win or im feeling lazy, I’ll choose Torvald. Its just point, click once, profit with that guy lol.


My team lost to behemoth in the mines and I was Hyde.
Everyone in the team said we would have won If I hadn’t disconnected.


I want to like Parnell I really do. On paper he is a beast. I don’t know what it is about my play style but I just can’t play him as efficiently as Tory and Hyde. I need to spend more quality time with him to get the hang of it.


Torvald. When the T4 was released I didn’t expect Torvald to be the 4th monter, who doesn’t want a monster in a hunter team? Those spammy mortars are deadly at any range, it’s a Super Soldier every several seconds without taking health dmg. Parnell is good but his ranged weapon sucks compared to Torvald.


IMO there is just no downside to Hyde anymore. So I would say Hyde is #1


I like Hyde, he has an awesome personality and fun weapons, but Parnell just churns out damage. Plus, the shotgun is really fun to use - it’s big, loud, and kicks like a horse. Parnell’s whole atmospere is great.


Personally, I like Hyde, although the fact that flamethrowers and miniguns are two of my favorite weapons probably have something to do with that.

As for my second choice, I’m currently trying to decide between Parnell and Torvald.


Hyde. Dude’s just too cool. Plus - A golden fucking flamethrower? I’m in. If not him, Torvald.


Yeah Thor is cheeze, but whatevs ^.^


Hyde or Parnell. Depends if I feel like burning shit or not. Spoilers: I usually do.

As for the others… Markov Is my enemy. My hatred burns because of him. Torvald is annoying and I’m not a fan of the mortar or the shotgun or the sound glitch that comes packaged with him.


Torvald APPEARS to do insane damage, but is wildly inconsistent and easily counter able.

Parnell ACTUALLY does insane damage, and is much more consistent in his output.

Torvald – when he lands his mortars – does a huge chunk of burst damage. But in reality he may land 1/5. He is very dependent upon the monster being bad and making mistakes (ie staying still and falling into Torvold’s rhythm).

Jimmy P is much more in control of his game and able to set the pace of the encounter.

All IMO obviously, but no one consistently melts monster health like a good Parnell, especially when combined with Val’s sniper rounds.


Hyde of course. Nothing fuels the fire better than melting faces and laughing maniacally or shouting crap as you do.

Torvald is a decent second for me, I love mortars, hate shotguns but his looks kinda cool and the burst fire makes up for it.

Parnell on occasion. Hate shotguns and his is ugly but rocket launchers are cool, as is berserking.

Markov is utterly boring and slow.


Wow. Serious lack of Markov love around here.

I prefer playing Markov because I just love the feeling of watching the Monster think it’s fleeing only to have it blow half his healthbar away due to a carefully thought-out mine ambush.


Has to be Hyde, although assault isn’t my preferred class


In my opinion Hyde is Top tier from all top tiers