Who is your favourite Dev?


Come on, well all have our favourites. Spill the beans.

I can’t decide between 2:
Our Community Manager and Evolve’s Writer.

Matthew only really appears on forums when summoned about something regarding lore
But those character dialogues are so damn amazing. They always help to perfectly capture a character’s personality, and sometimes they are funny without meaning to be, such as Crow’s "Dodging… Rock?! Ok! Or Hyde’s, " That’s not a rock, it’s a wanker!"
Whether or not Matthew was trying to be funny, the characters certainly weren’t, yet laugh, we did. Pure creative ingenuity.

And then with Shaners, that level of community interaction is totally overwhelming. She approaches every comment with a joyous reply and a cute exclamation mark. Really makes me feel appreciated by the Devs, which is definitely a first for me. Makes me feel like a valued member of the Community, even though to most people I’m just a salty asshole who doesn’t appreciate that new players just don’t know any better. Not just in Evolve, probably mainly in Rainbow Six: Siege but I still get really mad at them.

So, which Dev(s) is/are your favourite(s) and why?


@Chloe of course

But all of them are cool :slight_smile:


Honestly, I haven’t (digitally) met a dev I haven’t liked. They’re all very awesome people and very passionate about what they do.

I’d go on a tagging spree, but I’d hate to miss anyone.


Me neither, but [quote=“SedoUmbra, post:1, topic:99508”]
Come on, well all have our favourites


Pick one, do it!


They’re all cool, but Insane is the only one who can eat an olive agressively in the proper way. And you just can’t argue with that.



@ArPharazon has to be the one.


But Chris Ashton has that majestic beard.


That’s a fair point, but he can’t eat an olive agressively like Corey can. That’s just a fact.


All devs are great and all contribute something that is unique to the game, without them it would never have gotten so far.

Although many devs aren’t as vocal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care any less about their players and do their best helping them.

But I do want to give special mentions to the ones looking over the bug cases and technical/network issues: @m3teeh, @happybirthdaymary, @miyagi_nosaj, @dysa72, @ArPharazon, @Stalefish (I might have forgotten a few, if so my apologies). Thanks for helping :slight_smile:


@mizx has a special place in my heart for being the only dev I’ve had the honor of playing with. I’m still grateful he stayed even though we ended up fighting a bot wraith. Pretty sure he was Griffin while I was on Torvald.


I love them all the same <3
Dude that gave me this amazing butthead tagg gets my likes too
And that snowkiss girl that i always forget her name does answer community questions a lot so she get extra +


But was he Griffin?


EDIT: Nah, TRS functions best as a single cohesive unit made of superb individuals who I WILL haunt after I die.


You can’t make me choose!!



Wasn’t that @Shaners?


It’s hard to remember since there are a few BUTTHEADs now. heh heh


I’m legion for we are many.


That’s Lianne (snowkissed). :wink:


My most favorite are all except @mizx , he doesn’t want to give Bob a cake u.u