Who is your favorite monster player and why?







No Behemoth! And myself of course :stuck_out_tongue:


You make Behemoth sad.

Insert Sad Behemoth picture



10 chars


Kraken: Insane521


Me for Kraken, and Behemoth.

cue @Slovenia saying king for goliath



…she got them moves and them curves… :x


Kraken > Wraith > Goliath = Behemoth.

I don’t like big, bulky characters to play as (except for my hubby Torvald and facemeltbro Hyde)

Goliath was the original reason I refused to play as Monster, but once I got Kraken and Wraith, I got used to him. I like Behemoth because he’s new and because I feel a bit sympathetic toward him being facerolled by the community.

Also. Stupid sexy Flanders.


This amazing guy named King who is the first in the worldwide leaderboard with Goliath.