Who is your favorite monster, and why, and what's your strategy with them


My favorite is Goliath and I like being up close and personal with the hunters. I always go sneak mode with him cause i love being sneaky and i try to hide in the bushes when the hunters come near me(LOVE THAT MONSTERS HAVE SMELL ABILITY!!!) I attack when I’m domed or i try to run and then pull back to rock or leap smash. I attack the most when i’m stg 3

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I play Goliath too

Stage 1: 1 for Fire Breath, 1 for Charge, 1 for Leap Smash (All are good damage if i’m caught, and charge and leap smash are good for escapes) I sneak unless they’re really close and i cant hide.

Stage 2: 2 for Rock Throw, 2 for FIre Breath 1 for Charge and 1 for Leap Smash. Get as much armour possible, and sneak towards hunters and try for a fight, as matches seem slow or uneventful without at least 2 (unless i’ve been caught before) When i take more than 25% health damage, i flee, and evolve

Stage 3: 3 for Rock Throw, 3 for Fire breath, 2 for Leap Smash and 1 for Charge. Get all armour and look for favourite perks (i.e. movement speed, damage increase/decrease, health regen) Go for final fight and try to win:)


I’m gonna take a smack at it and say that your new to the game.


Because he goes Goliath?


I like stealth, therefore I like Wraith best.

That may change with Gorgon, however…


No, because he said that he loves the smell ability, who says that X’D


hahahha fair enough, but dont we all love it? hahah


And he attacks the most at stage 3. Who doesnt?


Bad people that don’t get to stage 3.


I try to attack at stage 2, get some strikes


My favorite is goliath because godzilla, stage one I start off with 2 flame breath and one in charge, stage 2 I put 3 points into rock throw and stage 3 (depending on if I’m fighting lazarus) I put one more into flame and put 2 points into leap smash


Wraith and I go full on chaos wraith.

Whats’s that?


I win some, and I lose some because of this.


Behemoth. I run feeding speed perk and on Stage 1 set off rolling one direction to leave false trail and sneak other way then I just roll and eat everything in sight. Stage 2 get my armor bar full and evolve meter to half then a start to stalk the hunters and test them out.

I will let them dome me and I’ll try to play defensively. Let them think I don’t want to fight. I usually let them dome in open area where they have advantage so they can’t take my armor away and think there winning.

When domes down I run to a confined area (cave, small, room, tunnel, etc) but I’m just luring them. And I beat the hell out off them. If some hunters manage to run away, I don’t chase them I’ll evolve armor up. Then go round three.


Ya man i totally love that jumping ability and you can like punch hunters with your fists and eat wildlife while smelling. Jk, the OP sounds like how i did when I played evolve alpha :joy:


Are you a new player? I’m not being a d*ck. I just gather from your post that you are relatively new.


Cosmic Goliath is my favorite.

I take Stamina Regen to help me get away from teams who cut are efficient at managing their jetpack, and cut corners well.

I take 2 in FB (for fast farming) and 1 in LS (extra mobility and farming).

I try avoid stage 1 engages at all costs, and typically don’t try to capitalize on a down in a stage 1 dome, as the chances are, they’ll be more careful, and it won’t happen again, leading to perma health loss on my side, and no extra gained.

At stage 2, I put an extra point into LS, and 2 into RT.

Once I’ve fed up, I’ll start looking for openings - for instance if the team has made a 2/2 split, and Hank doesn’t have any shielding. I’ll attack him - force him to pop his cloak. Then find the medic, and start killing him/her. If Hank shields, or his cloak runs out, I’ll know where he is, and can focus him down, till death hopefully. At that point, I’ll try focus down medic, even if it means having Hank back up, and if I can get medic down juist before Hank gets Rezzed, then I should then be able to get a relatively easy second strike on Hank, before making a retreat to armour up.

Doesn’t always get to happen that way, but the second I hit S2, I start looking for opportunities - and looking for areas to fight which have large wildlife work so well! Tyrants are less good, as people can be saved from them, but assault getting hit in the back from a nomad unexpectedly before he pops his PS is such an awesome feeling :smiley:

At Stage 3, I go 3 points into all abilities, apart from Charge, where I put none. The extra range and damage of the FB is very useful, and having greater range (and possibly cooldown?) on the other abilities is nice - and I hate charge :stuck_out_tongue:

If possible, I’ll fight the hunters on their way back to the relay, before they get set up, but not if it means having a no-armour fight. Prioritizing Hank, and then the Medic, although if I see any opportunities, I’m not against breaking through a shield/shield drone to get a strike.


Right now I like Wraith the most. I like going for S2 wins whenever I can. 2 points on WB and Supernova, 1 point in Decoy and Abduct. I like to use decoy a lot for flanking. I’m not very good against high skilled people, but I have fun. They think I’m running a lot of the time with the decoy but I go back around and surprise them from behind or the side while they’re focused on the decoy in front of them even If they know it’s a decoy. They figure I’m up ahead running away.


nope had it after the 2nd month of release


it comes in handy it was an exaggeration


Or the majority of Wraith players actually worth a damn. Once you get to high-silver premade teams a S3 relay fight with no strikes is practically suicide.