Who is your current favorite Overwatch character?


With the reveal of the two new Overwatch characters, Roadhog and Junkrat, I was curious: Who is your favorite overmatch character?

I absolutely love Tracer. Her personality, voice, and kit all scream Rapterran. McCree ties with Lucio for second.

Don’t know what Overwatch is? Check it out here! http://us.battle.net/overwatch/en/


The deadness is real… :sob:


Depends on what kind of favorite. Personally, I like bastion. He’s a robot who wants to observe nature, yet his combat programming makes him fight.

Hard to really say anything else because we don’t have the game yet.


All of them (._.)


Love literally everything about him.
Love the look (he’s a fucking knight, I’m all about that life)
Love the voice (his voice is heaven <3)
Love the kit, just, GAH, I LOVE IT ALL


I just can’t get into him… It’s not that I dislike him… I’m just not fond of him.

Same goes for Bastion, Widow Maker, Torbjörn, and Roadhog. The rest I love, like, or dislike.


Widowmaker the most.

“I see you.”

“One shot, one kill…”

“Noone can hide from my sight.”

Runner up would be solider 76. The visor lock-on looks sweet.


Just sayin.

Good, less competition.


It does look OP. Then again many “supers” Ill call them look OP. Widow’s recon vision, hanzo’s dragon, Soldiers’ visor lock-on, mcree’s dead eye, reapers, death blossom. Some others as well but can’t remember atm.


Sooo… Tracer McCree or Widowmaker are my favourites for gameplay. Tracer cause blink looks fun McCree cause of that deadshot ultimate and Widowmaker cause grappelling hook and sniper rifle tho I think Widow would be my favourite.


:lazarus: Arise!

I have no clue, but these two I have high hopes for:

Beta in a couple of days!


Blizzard’s making a lot of games lately that have nothing to do with the usual 2 or 3, they’re gonna give me a heart attack

Edit: This game looks pretty good.


The ults all look ridiculously strong, as they would be as ults. I think the strongest would be one of the support ults, (situationally) Widowmaker’s or Tracer’s. Tracer gets a special mention because it’s such a no fuss skill with little risk given the rest of her kit and just takes out whatever problem you want removing.

Pharah, Reaper and the likes have very “build around me” ults that I don’t think are going to be OP as a fact, but they will clear teams when used properly.


Ya this game looks like a lot of fun… Wishing I had a gaming Rig! I’m absolutely digging everything Reaper, he looks awesome! After all one of is abilities is called Wraith Form :wraith:


Tracer is an Assault.


The comma is there to denote that it’s a list. One of the support ults, Widowmaker’s ult or Tracer’s ult. Widowmaker isn’t a support either.


I’m sad I’m not in the beta =/


Really like the look of him. Mobile defensive turret.


Yeah, his story is really cool too.

I personally like “Cyber Ninja” best for design, Tracer for personality, Junkrat/Lucio for gameplay, and Bastion/Soldier 76 for story.


They’re all so cool. I can’t decide. :cry: Although, Bastion seems a lot like Bucket. So if I had to choose, it would proably be him