Who Is Your Best Monster and Hunter?

Everyone has their favorite character they play as right? But what about the character they play the best?

With Behemoth added to the list, Big B’s been my favorite monster to fight as, especially after fixing him up in the Patches.

My best hunter appears to be Lazarus, with Val, Torvald, and Parnell coming afterwards.

Just wanted to see if people had similar characters they’re pro with, and if your favorite character corresponded with your best character. Let me know guys!

Val, Laz, Hank, Cabit, Goliath and Wraith. >.> Cannot choooose…


Difficult right? Those guys in that order or…?

I chose based off of how often I died or pulled off some really tricky moves.

sunny. i did not play anything else since t4 release

Nah, just randomly.

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I can’t get the hang of her. I tried and tried but I guess I don’t click with how she plays.

Best monster is goliath, behemoth may take that over, but needs more gameplay first.

Hunters? I guess Griffin, Hank, Cabot and Torvald (no order). Parnell and Val would be after those ones, but out of practice with them

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Val, Val, Val, Val, Val, Val, Val, Val, and, uhhh, Val.

Also Bucket on Support, Crow for trapper, Parnell for assault when I play that, and Wraith for monster with a side of Behemoth.


For the Monsters - Orion Terrorsaur. Enough said.

For the Hunters… Val, Hank, or Bucket… :bucket_salute:

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Orion Terrorsaur DLC 6th monster!

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1.) hank
2.) val
3.) hyde
4.) maggie

& behemoth

Hunters: Cabot, Sunny, Hyde, Maggie, Griffin, Caira, Bucket, Torvald, Laz, Slim, Markov, Parnell, Crow, Hank, Abe, Val

Monster: Wraith, Goliath, Kraken, Behemoth

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I see what you’re saying. :neutral_face:

Goliath (because I don’t have behemothe yet :cold_sweat:) and markov.


I like Behemoth the most right now since he’s all I’ve played since his release.

For hunters, I like Maggie, Caira, Hyde, Crow, and Val respectively.

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My favorite character also happens to be the one I’m best with and that’s Hyde! Other hunters I think I’m pretty good with include Cabot, Bucket, Sunny and Crow. These don’t really reflect my favorite characters, but those are about the only ones I’d be ballsy enough to say I’m good with.

I wouldn’t say I’m good with any monsters. I have my favorites, of course, but none of them are my best.

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Big B. Nuff said.

Wish I was good with Hyde. I love his character and dialogue so much!

He suits my playstyle so well and he also happens to have a great look, great accent and great lines, in my opinion. Best all around!