Who is the strongest?

Just curious to see what you guys think as far as who is the stronger hunters/monster currently and why? Also who do you guys think is the worst hunter and or monster


Behemoth:That damage output though, but he is incredibly easy to hit.
Torvald: He is just OP… :heartbeat:

Strongest Medic: Slim, best medic damage matched with great multi-target healing and the ability to keep his team pretty much invisible. His bug is also pretty strong inside and out of combat too.

Strongest Support: Sunny, great toss-up of defense and offense. Her shield drone paired with the jetpack booster is much more useful than Hank’s shield imo, but he’s still a very strong pick.

Strongest Trapper: All pretty balanced, but I’d probably say Maggie.

Strongest Assault: Hyde, great consistent damage and area denial. Very close second is Lennox, she needs a little more skill and is a bit riskier but still very strong.

Weakest hunter imo is definitely Val, she needs a serious buff. Cabot could use a buff too but at least he’s still viable.

I agree with the Behemoth been seening some stage ones murdering whole teams right from the start. Torvold though? I feel like his mortars are far less satisfying since they slowed them i would have preferred a damage nerf over a mortar with a parachute lol


medic: Caira and Slim

Support: Sunny and Hank.

Trapper: they’re pretty much equal

Assault: Torvald and Hyde

Monster: probably kraken, not sure.

:open_mouth: Dont question it!

Cabot: Have you seen his damage on his Railgun… “Wait it does damage? I thought it just stops him from eating!” And his Damage amp completely depends on the assualt. Markov? Oph… Its a no go.

If I had to chose mine
Assault: Tough pick Hyde and Parnell hit hard and fast
Support: HANK THE TANK!!! A good hank can wreck the monsters game
Medic: I think Laz is one of the strongest better with pre-mades than pubs
Trapper: Yeah most balanced class Jack has been pretty strong
Monster: Behemoth his damage seems pretty strong plus he can just roll hit anyone to death or Kracken cause there is no way to get his ass outta the sky and most hunter miss a lot of shots

From what I have seen Slim seems like a good hitter, but lacks in keeping his team alive
Monster wise goliath went from the most balanced to a total push over Ive played about 15 games against him and won them all since this matchmaking patch came out

From the new patch, there are some weird things going on on the Monster side of things. Kraken is still incredibly strong at dealing damage while mitigating most meaningful damage. Very aggressive playstyle is capable of poking holes in a team and then exploiting those holes to maximum effect. Body camping from a safe distance pretty much ensures that an incap becomes a death with no real consequences. Wraith is quite annoying right now with her Goliath amounts of armor and relative ease of use. Plus that damn decoy. But sheer damage output would have to be Behemoth. Goliath is really struggling right now. Which is a major bummer to me as he is my hands down favorite.

The Hunter side of things is pretty much the same as before. Caira brings strong, safe reliable heals. Slim plays and rewards skillful aiming and an aggressive playstyle more so than Caira IMO. Laz is pub flavor of the month right now. And Val is really struggling to keep up with the damage changes.

Hank is still your safe pick. Great damage, strong shielding, the orbital. Sunny gives a bit more versatility at the cost of lower reliability. Bucket meshes well with Laz but no one else really. And Cabot is a risky (and due to the nerf, not that rewarding) pick.

Trappers are all pretty balanced still.

Hyde is still your safe bet for the Assaults. Torvald is doing a bit better but still not the Assault God he was before. Lennox introduces a kink to the focus priority game and if ignored for a higher profile target, will punish the Monster. Hard.

Torvald, strongest Assault. Slim, Medic. Hank/Sunny are tied for Support. Jack as Trapper. Kraken is the best monster, no contest.

Yeahhhhhh you know it.

Yeah, his potential for damage is probably the highest out of the Assaults. He also takes a bit of skill though. So if the Assault can’t land those mortar shots, his damage falls way off. I think Hyde is still the most consistent and reliable Assault in terms or damage. Hard to miss with that flamethrower from 5 feet away.

  • Val
  • Lazarus
  • Caira
  • Slim

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  • Hank
  • Bucket
  • Cabot
  • Sunny

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  • Maggie
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack

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  • Markov
  • Hyde
  • Parnell
  • Torvald
  • Lennox

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  • Goliath
  • Kraken
  • Wraith
  • Behemoth

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Torvald is OP…

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