Who is the OP time period assault

we have trapper medic (kinda) support but to my knowledge no assault so id like to know who the community thinks he is

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We don’t have a Support. The general idea is that Bucket will probably be another Trapper. Not confirmed either, but still.

ah right


Damage mitigation is what’s strong right now.

Rabe is cataclysm
also hah

Really? I thought the idea was assault considering the fact that the first letter of the name was C and bucket wants to swap his body for the “Celestial” model or whatever.

I think Celestial Bucket with big missiles is going to become a good Assault)

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Overpowered time period characters aren’t real. They could do whatever they want with him, really, as nothing is confirmed. However, H-Hyde, Laz, and C-Bucket are the next up, and we know that an Assault, Trapper, and Medic are coming. The most logical assumption would be that Bucket would swap over to Trapper, since class swappers are generally pretty rare.

Were* rare

I mean, there’s two.

There’s 20 hunters and 9 adaptations and 2 adaptations are class swapped. If the going rate is currently 1 out of 4.5 I’d say it’s still at the least uncommon if not still rare until the rates go up.

It’s a interesting thing to try and predict. We already have a Trapper and Medic for that theme, and we know Bucket will either be Support or Assault.

Class shifts are interesting because we know that each period has one character of each class, so by default we know that at least one Medic must be class shifted, likely to Support and at least one Support must be shifted, likely to Trapper.

I don’t know anything for certain, but by those assumptions, I’d predict C-bucket to be the support and either Torvald or Lennox to be the assault.

Are u trying to say RAbe’s OP or something? If so, that’s definitely a NO. RAbe’s pretty balanced after the armor-channel nerf.

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That’s not why you pick Rabe.