Who is the best traper?


But not from all the trapers just from these Griffin, E.Griffin, Abe and Crow, so who have the best “traper performance”, who’s the best. I want that kind of trapers that effectively slow down the moster
cus i know that is doable becous parnel is the best assault, hank is the best support ect.


Well no one is the “best” in their class, it all depends on the hunter comp and what monster you’re fighting against.


then who is universal like parnel he is good agains all the mosters or tell me 2 trapers that are in the best group


Jack. Nuff said.


i always think that jack is kinda bad pick only if you have torvald in your team


I may be a little biased. Jack is my favourite character in Evolve, and one of my favourite characters in all of gaming soooo.


ok i respect your opinion and wait for others (if they will even be others)


If I am to be honest, Crow and Griffin are beastly Trappers. I am yet to play Stage 2 though, so my opinions are pretty out dated.


i want that kind of trapers that effectively slow down the moster


All of them in my opinion.


  • Good harpoon range which can shut down Goliaths, Gorgons, Krakens and Wraiths trying to run away if you time it right.
  • Sound Spikes have amazing range and you can cut off some maps so if the monster crosses to the other side of the map you will detect them.

E Griffin

  • Harpoon has less range but does damage.
  • His stasis SMG is useful when the Harpoon is reloading to help keep CC on the monster during fights or if the monster is too far for the harpoon on the chase.


  • Stasis Grenades can shutdown any monster (Kraken not so much). Helps stop the monsters moving around a lot and helps with roaching hunters since their climb speed is reduced by a considerable amount.
  • His shotgun also has really good damage for a Trapper which is useful against pretty much any monster.
  • His tracking dart is also good for cutting off the monster on the chase.


  • Gobi can constantly keep track of the monster if used right.
  • His Stasis Gun is good for applying CC on monsters in combat and on the chase if in line of sight. Mainly good against Goliath, Wraith and Gorgon.
  • His Kinetic Long Rifle has decent DPS and can be charged up to deal direct health damage through the monsters armour. It’s best to just spam non-charged shots against monsters in domes however so you can help get your assault dealing more damage to health instead of doing tiny bits of health damage with charged shots. I suggest only using charged shots on monsters that have low health and high armour, most likely a Stage 3 fight at this point.


If you want reliable stasis, go Abe or Mags. If you want less reliable but more powerful stasis go Crow, Grif or Jack. If you want brawkers go Mad Mags, Gelectro or Jack. If you want reliable tracking go Grif.


Neither of those are completely true. For example Parnell vs Kraken? Nah, not so great. Markov vs Kraken, much better.

Markov vs Behemoth? Eh, it’s alright. Parnell vs Behemoth? Now you’re talking.

It depends entirely on team composition and monster picked.

And I’d say, personally, that Sunny is much better than Hank for both defence and offence.

Anyway, the same is said for Trappers- for example Griffin is bloody amazing against the Goliaths and pretty okay vs Kraken but shit against Wraith. Jack’s only good against Wraith and Goliaths. Maggie is alright against all monsters, W.Maggie is bad against all monsters, and Abe/Crow are tbh the most well rounded.

If it came to an Abe/Crow tossup I’d have to take Abe. IMO Abe is the best Trapper in general, but others can do better depending on, again, team comp and monster.


They’re strong, but I wouldn’t say the ‘best’. It really comes down to the team comp.

After all Sunny and Caira are both very strong characters, but I wouldn’t put them on the same team.