Who is Sunny's voice actress?


I swear I have heard her before, but the name slips my mind. Anyone know?


@Matthew should be able to answer this.


the girl from rugrats?


Been posted several times before. Let me use the forum search function and find it for you.

Edit: Oh, look at this thing that took less than a minute to find:


lol everyone thinks that Sunny is voiced by Sunny Lee. Not going to lie though I thought she was voiced by her as well at first.

However Sunny is acted by Nika Futterman


Alright, thanks Dr. Rude. I wasn’t having any luck with a google search, so I figured it was a legitimate question. But I guess I was wrong and I am just someone that deserves disrespect for asking a simple question.


Dr. Rude is an awesome name, using it later.


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