Who is level 40?


Just wanted to know. I just got level 39.


Due to a lack of play time- and getting the game late- I’m only level 21. But I found two players who are one game away from level 40!



I’m 35 ATM.



10 char.


Level 13 - reset
Level 31 - reset
i’m now level 20


Gentlemen, I give you a true badass.


I don’t even know what I am.

Who cares, right?


Fair enough.

As long as I have mah boiz- and girl, in Caira/Val’s case- I’m fine.

Who needs badges, perks and being matched with actual players? :wink:


I only need to know one thing. Where. They. Are.


im level 10

cuz caring


If I keep staying up late playing, and annoying my wife by waking her up when I get to bed she may well divorce me, so I should be level 40 by the end of next week…


I’m awaiting the sob story of a level 40 getting his/her progress reset…


I’m level 35… but it won’t be long. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m halfway to level 40 now


Level 34


just turned last night bit dissapointed there is no reward just an achievement but at least i can say im level 40 hahaha


Maybe I’ll be level 40 by the time Bloodborne comes out.

If not it could be a long time after that.


Been 40 for 3 days, now. :smiley:


I got reset around level 14 and now I’m at 35 I believe… Getting close now…


I reached lvl 40 today and was hoping for a cool badge but there wasn’t one :frowning: