Who is Korsoth?


I noticed a loading screen that mentioned Griffin :griffin_2: and someone ive never heard about that goes by the name… Korsoth,
it went by so fast i couldn’t read the whole thing so all i got was the name.
Who could this Korsoth individual be?

Tier 5 trapper hinted?
Korsoth is real!
Korsav The Trapper

Apparently he’s a four armed hunter that helped Griffin in one of his hunting endeavors. People believe that he may be a trapper or hunter in some future version of Evolve.


That’s awesome,
He’s has to be an assault with those four arms then, and the name sounds viking-ish.


I thought that was just in the show about Griffin? Though I suppose the character may also have existed in real life.


Anything with four arms I always imagine using spears or polearms, or even a big ass bow. So maybe he’ll be a bit more ‘primitive’ of an assault that uses technology assisted ‘primitive’ weapons(Like chucking rocket boosted titanium tipped spears or shooting sonic or explosive arrows from a bow). :smiley:


Well Griffin is a super popstar and he had a cartoon so maybe i got too excited XD.


Korsloff says full time viking to me,
i think he’ll wield two war axes that require him to get up real close in the monsters business,
maybe a spear or a bow to do some long range,
probably have an ability to decrease the CD on his personnel shield.

Melee probably wouldn’t work but TRS prove me wrong!


I think the viking assault is already filled by Torvold, but who knows? I’d be interested to see if TRS is able to figure out melee assaults or not.


I think Torvald is more of a space Viking,
I want a Bjorn kinda vibe.

I mean those Bear pelts are Fab.


That tool-tip was referring to the fact that Griffin is a very famous Hunter. They’ve made a lot of movies and comics about him. In one of these, Griffin teams up with an alien four-armed tracker named Korsloff. Korsloff is, in the world of Evolve, fictional. Doesn’t exist.


Tbh, Bjorn also looks like a space viking. But that may just be me being dense. :confused:


Maybe i just want bear pelts idk, or Goliath pelts.


The cruelty! The barbarism!

Goliath pelts, that is.


So you’re saying Korsloff is a fictional character in a fictional universe?




You guys are talking about people with four arms and forgot to mention


I want a Behemoth pelt. That way when you need to go somewhere you can just wrap yourself up and roll around. :smile:




Goro from Mortal Kombat


Oh, okay then. Never played one very much.